On Mybatis knowledge points

Welcome to supplement and correct The following is my simple understanding and experience in learning mybatis. If there is something wrong, please correct it!! Environment: JDK1.8, MySQL 5.7 1. Package dependence org.mybatis

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Chapter 14 getting current node information with XML

Chapter 14 getting current node information with XML DOM node type %The XML.Document and% XML.Node classes recognize the following DOM node types: Element ($$$xmlELEMENTNODE) Note that these macros are defined in the% xml.DOM.inc include file. Text ($$$xmlTEXTNODE) Whitespace ($$$xmlWHITESPACEUTF-8...

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The golden elixir -- the practice of XML

1. What is it? w3c organization wants to replace html as an extensible markup language difference: XML is mainly used to describe data HTML is mainly used to show data Expand: user defined label Tags: labels What's the use of 1.1? XML can be used as a standard for data transmission (important)UTF-8...

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How to assign complex attributes in SpringIOC?

catalogue 1, Write on the front 2, Assignment of complex attributes in IOC 1. Assign values to class properties (1) , reference assignment (2) , reference new class object assignment 2. Assign a value to the List property 3. Assign values to map properties 4. Assign values to the Properties clUTF-8...

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Android solves the XML memory leak of XXX layout left using Navigation

Recently, I maintained a project and checked the cause of a memory leak for a long time. Here is a record. At the beginning of the article, it is suggested to take a brief look at the troubleshooting process and error causes, and then look at the solution results to avoid wasting everyone's tiUTF-8...

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Learn XXE vulnerability from a topic

loophole Hetian Wangan Laboratory [](javascript:void(0)) 2021-03-02 6,957 preface 0x01.xxe vulnerability The full name of xxE vulnerability is XML External Entity Injection, that is, XML External Entity Injection vulnerability. The xxE vulnerability occurs when the application parses XML input UTF-8...

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[Spring] IOC Bean management - XML method

Bean management generally refers to two operations: Spring create objectSpring injection properties Two operation modes of Bean Management: Implementation based on XML configuration fileAnnotation based implementation Basic constraints of Spring IOC xml configuration file

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MyBatis xml configuration file details, perfect ending

The properties element is mainly used to define configuration externalities, such as database connection properties. These properties are externally configurable and dynamically replaceable. They can be configured in a typical Java property file or passed through the child elements of the propeUTF-8...

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Mobile development technology (Android) -- Experiment 6 use of activity (Intent)

1, Experimental purpose Understand the basic concepts of Activity and Intent;Master the creation method of Activity;Master the use of Intent to realize jump and data transfer between activities;Familiar with Activity life cycle status and methods;Understand the task stack in Activity and masteUTF-8...

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Mybatis Spring (Spring integrates mybatis)

Mybatis-Spring MyBatis Spring will help you seamlessly integrate MyBatis code into Spring. It will allow MyBatis to participate in Spring's transaction management, create mapper s and sqlsessions and inject them into bean s, and convert MyBatis exceptions into Spring's DataAccessException. FinaUTF-8...

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