Four years of career change

I don't know if anyone can read the 5000 word chapter. Can the boss leave a message after reading it, MEDA preface: Personal profile: 1998 Born in 16-19 College College non computer major; self-taught; No training; Freshman semester began to learn programming in their spare time,The specific tUTF-8...

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Windows Terminal Installation and Environment Configuration

Overview of effects This is the final result after terminal + powershell personally feels like the best alternative to Linux terminal for the windows platform, which is comparable (and certainly not comparable) to the native Linux terminal in terms of usage and functionalUTF-8...

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Configure CLion2021, SDL Development Environment under Windows

Configure CLion2021, SDL Development Environment under Windows I searched this question before and read this Article But I tried it myself. It was no use! (I'm supposed to cook it.) Then I searched further and saw this on stackoverflow Article Okay.Very good.Here's a summary for those who are tUTF-8...

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Small program file configuration and simple basic use

1, Applet file configuration (1) . global profile: App.json field: configure applet page path The path inside is equivalent to the route of vue. Who shows who on the top { "pages":[ "pages/index/index" //route ] } 2.window: configure top navigation bar { "window": { "navigationBarBackgroUTF-8...

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OSG compilation and installation of MSVC64

OSG compilation and installation MSVC 1. Preparation 1.1 environment Windows10Qt5.14.2Microsoft Visual Studio2017cmake-3.20.4-windows-x86_64.msi 1.2 osg Download osgOfficial website github OSG source code (OpenSceneGraph) Download websiteYou can also use git to download: git clone --branch OpenUTF-8...

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Wechat applet local storage and page parameter transfer

Wechat applet: Foreword: in the process of wechat small program development, there will be a lot of knowledge application 1, Local storage: In the process of development, local storage is often used. The life cycle of data storage is consistent with that of small program Benefits: with local caUTF-8...

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Windows Deployment redis Sentinel Mode

Catalog Installation Environment Installation package configuration file 2. From Node Profile 3. Sentry Node Profile Startup script Sign in Problem Record 1. Persistence failed Installation Environment Operating system: win7 Redis version: redis-5.0.10 Installation package redis does not officiUTF-8...

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Git common commands super detailed

explain: All operations in this paper are carried out by installing git on windows 7 64 bit system; Git version is git installation is the next step; 1. Create a new code base ##1.1 create a new Git code base in the current directory $ git init 1.2 create a new directory and inUTF-8...

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openstack virtual machine windows2016 image making

1, Preparation (kvm environment, vnc remote connection tool) Prepare the ISO image file for windows 2016 Download VirtIO driver (tested version 126 for 2012r2 and 164 for 2016) Official website address:

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Compiling WebRTC under Windows

prefaceWith the influence of COVID-19, the demand for audio and video has explode in the past two years. In the field of audio and video, WebRTC can be said to be an inseparable treasure house, including the whole process of audio and video acquisition, encoding and decoding, transmission and rUTF-8...

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