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Write in front Recently, I began to learn HTML. On the one hand, I want to share, on the other hand, I mainly review and organize. I wish myself to stick to it in advance. Hahaha In addition, I will mark the definitions of some terms in the article in Chinese, French and English. If there is aUTF-8...

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JavaScript writing Date formatting method "Python style" (•) ω•`) o』

JavaScript writing Date date formatting method "Python style" (•) ω•`) o』 1, Comparison between Python and JavaScript date formatting 🥯 When learning to write JS scripts, I always felt that the Date object in JS was very unfriendly to the Date formatting method, which was not as convenient asUTF-8...

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[JAVA learning path] basic syntax and data types

JAVA operation mechanism Java you can say that it is compiled or interpreted. Because the bytecode file is generated through compilation first, and then the bytecode file is put into the JVM for execution. In the JVM, the running mode of Java is interpretive. Keywords in JAVA identifier Like C,UTF-8...

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Zero foundation to build your own website -- web design [study notes 7]

Practice - hyperlink 1, Classification of connections: According to the characteristics of link carrier: text link and image link; Classified by link target: internal link, external link, anchor link and E-mail link. 2, Connection making: (1) Internal links: In design view, select the text to cUTF-8...

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#Source code analysis of react hooks

Source code analysis of react hooks reference material Nuggets users: 🍼holyZhengs Introduction hooks is a part of function component rendering. The function is to separate the data processing logic of some components and add them to the function components in a progressive way. Source address UTF-8...

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Notes of Vue scaffold of Shang Silicon Valley (teacher Tianyu's lecture)

This is the note of Vue scaffold in Silicon Valley (teacher Tianyu's keynote speaker) Scaffold file structure ├── node_modules ├── public │ ├── favicon.ico: Tab Icon │ └── index.html: Main page ├── src │ ├── assets: Storing static resources │ │ └── logo.png │ │── component: Store components │ │UTF-8...

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Use CSS to find the happiness of childhood. Doraemon is with you

preface The arrival of children's Day reminds me of my childhood and Doraemon. When I was A child, I thought, how nice it would be if we could have A friend like Doraemon to accompany us to grow up? There is comfort when you are sad; When you want to give up, someone encourages you; Happy time,UTF-8...

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Deep Java multithreading lock strategy

Optimistic lock Optimistic lock believes that in general, concurrency conflicts will not occur. Concurrency conflicts will be detected only when the data is updated. If no conflict is detected, the data will be modified directly. If there is a conflict, failure will be returned. CAS mechanism UTF-8...

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Vue series 4 - search for small cases and practice refining into steel

How bold the praise is, how productive it is! Open source promotes progress, dedicated to every technology user and enthusiast! Full of dry goods, pose well and praise the departure Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world. preface This chapter incUTF-8...

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"Java web front end" I. HTML - refined - easy to understand

1, HTML -- Start label of the document -- Start label of document header title -- Document title, displayed in the browser title bar -- End tag of document header

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