WPF Implements Screenshot Function--WPF Produces Text OCR Software

WPF for screenshots 1. Preface The previous article has described how to customize the window. For a text OCR software, it is not human enough to open only local pictures for recognition, so this article mainly describes how WPF can achieve screenshots. 2. Screenshot demonstration 3. Code impleUTF-8...

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VS2019 create cMake project to realize gRPC client server call

catalogue 1. New cmake project 2. Write proto file 3 Preparation Environment 4. Put the third-party dependent files into dependencies 5. Write CMakeLists.txt to generate *. Pb. H, *. Pb. C, *. Grpc.pb.cc* Grpc. Pb. H file 6. In grpc_ Interface method of implementing proto file definition in serUTF-8...

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Constructor and destructor under inheritance

● master the declaration method of derived class and the definition method of derived class constructor ● master the execution order and construction rules of constructors and destructors in different ways Declaration of derived class and definition of constructor 1. Declaration of derived clasUTF-8...

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C # Basics

Today, we begin to formally enter the introductory study of C#, starting from the simplest foundation. The summary content is very detailed, but there is not a complete overview. You can choose to view it according to your own situation. If there is any mistake, you are welcome to correct it~ cUTF-8...

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using or typedef

Overview Where is using better than typedef using supports aliases for templates using has compiler blessing Same point Are aliases, but using looks more concise Same point alias #include using Myshow = void (*)(); typedef void(*Dshow)(); void show() { std::cout

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Realization and principle analysis of polymorphism

Catalogue of series articles [C + + from introduction to soil] Chapter 1: from C to C++. [C + + from introduction to soil] Part 2: class and object Foundation. [C + + from introduction to soil] Part 3: improvement of classes and objects. [C + + from introduction to soil] Chapter 4: operator oveUTF-8...

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Import and export of C + + static library and dynamic library

1, Import and export of static libraries 1. Export static library (1) Write function code double add(double x, double y) { return x + y; } (2) Configure build type (3) Generate the solution and obtain the static library. lib file 2. Import static library (1) Configure the location of the statiUTF-8...

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slambook2 (ch3) -- Ubuntu 18.04 installing eigen library + Pangolin library + routine demonstration

Installing the Eigen Library Direct installation sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev sudo ln -s /usr/include/eigen3/Eigen /usr/include/Eigen Reference settings If you need to reference the corresponding include directory, use the following directory: /usr/include/eigen3 1, Terminal operation 2,UTF-8...

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Computer experiment of data structure (Chapter II) I

Bibliography: data structure course (Fifth Edition), edited by Li Chunbao Computer experiment of data structure (Chapter 2) II 1. A single linked list with a leading node L = ( a 1 , b 1 , a 2 , b 2 , ⋯ , a n , b n ) L=(a_1,b_1,a_2,b_2,\cdots,a_n,b_n) L=(a1, b1, a2, b2,..., an, bn), split it inUTF-8...

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ubuntu18.04 installing opencv3 4. PCL, VTK tutorial

First download opencv3 4.1+VTK7. 1+PCL1. 8.1 installation package. Be sure to execute the following installation commands in turn 1, To install opencv: 1. Unzip opencv, enter the unzipped directory folder, and open the terminal: mkdir build cd build Or create your own build folder 2. Install deUTF-8...

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