STM32 clock and interrupt

1, Basic information of STM32F427IIH6 Chip official website information 2, STM32F427IIH6 peripheral clock 1. Clock tree The explanation of the clock tree can refer to books on wildfire or atoms. The figure below shows the frequency division and frequency multiplication relationship of the clocUTF-8...

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STM32_ Temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor The temperature and humidity sensor module used in this experiment is DHT11 Module parameters: The module can not measure the temperature below zero, but there is no problem in daily use. Inside the module is a function analog-to-digital converter chip (8 bits),UTF-8...

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8051 microcontroller combat analysis (STC89C52RC as an example) | 07 - independent key driver

The key is a relatively common and simple human-computer interaction operation. The key is actually a non self-locking touch switch. When pressed, the contact will close, and when released, the contact will open. 1 independent key There are two forms of commonly used key circuit, independent keUTF-8...

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Voltage collection and waveform display based on stm32 and qt

Task overview32 STMsqt articles 1. Task overview Singlechip (1) SCM type can choose STM32 series or MSP430 series SCM; (2) The hardware of single-chip computer can be purchased by itself or the core board can be made by itself; (3) ADC sampling of 1 channel at a sampling rate of 125 Hz, each saUTF-8...

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STM32F103 serial port transceiver

Serial port: standard serial port asynchronous serial full duplex communication speed is determined by baud rate Asynchronous communication: both sides of the communication do not share the same clock line, and the communication speed of both sides is determined by themselves (communication reqUTF-8...

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Positive Atom stm32f7 HAL Library Tutorial Input Capture Interrupt Program Understanding

POSITIVE ATOM STM32F7 HAL LIBRARY TECHNIQUE EXPERIMENT 9 - INPUT CAPTURE EXPERIMENT Chapter 9. Measure the length of a high level with input capture, and input capture interrupt callback function HAL_TIM_IC_CaptureCallback and Update Interrupt Callback Function HAL_TIM_PeriodElapsedCallback's lUTF-8...

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Course design: simple calculator and simple password lock based on STM32F103RCT6

Main references: "General 51 MCU development strategy - A6", "LCD1602 LCD complete Chinese information", "stm32 Chinese reference manual"_ V10>,

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STM32F103 timer (to be continued)

Classification and difference of STM32F103 timer There are 8 timers, they are: TIM1~TIM8. The timer of STM32 is divided into basic timer, general timer and advanced timer. TIM6, TIM7 (basic timer): the basic timer is a 16 bit timer that can only count up. The basic timer can only have the functUTF-8...

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STM32H7 Engineering Development Series tutorial manual configuration of basic engineering based on HAL Library

Download the HAL library Cube package STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.9.0> The file can be downloaded from ST official website or from CubeMX, and the specific download method can be solved by yourself. After downloading, open the folder and get the following contents: We don't need to analyze the specific UTF-8...

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STM32CubeMX+ADC + Bluetooth serial port experiment

1.0 Preface Contact STM32 microcontroller gradually in-depth, usually from a simple key and LED control, next we will * with STM32CubeMX and keil5 development learning STM32 black core board, through ADC acquisition and Bluetooth serial port print output experiment* 2.0 example explanation 2.1UTF-8...

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