Mybatis study notes of crazy teacher in station b

2. The first Mybatis program Idea: build environment import Mybatis write code test 2.1 building database 2.2 create a new maven project 2.3 import core configuration file mybatis-config.xml

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Spring From Getting Started to Proficiency Series 02 - Program Coupling Problems and Factory Mode Decoupling

_This paper analyses the coupling problem between the program and the factory mode decoupling, and emphasizes the distinction between single object and multiple object. Program Coupling Problem and Factory Mode Decoupling 1. Coupling of Procedures Coupling: Dependencies between programs includeUTF-8...

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Spring day 4 - spring MVC day 1

Spring04 review aop: Aspect oriented programming(oop Supplement to): During the running of the program, the business method is enhanced without destroying the source code, so that developers only focus on the business part Common scenes: Print log Test program run time Control transaction ... IUTF-8...

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SSM integrated development case

SSM integrated development SSM : SpringMVC + Spring + MyBatis Spring MVC: view layer and interface layer, which are responsible for receiving requests and displaying processing results. Spring: business layer, management of Service, Dao, tool class objects. MyBatis: persistence layer, access toUTF-8...

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Understand Redis in One Text

Redis 1. Understand NoSql 1.1 What is Nosql NoSQL, refers generally to non-relational databases.With the rise of Internet web2.0 websites, traditional relational databases have been unable to handle web2.0 websites, especially Web 2.0 pure dynamic websites of super-large-scale and highly concurUTF-8...

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[MyBatis basic knowledge summary 5] SqlSessionFactory and SqlSession

preface: Learning framework a better path to read the source code, this paper introduces the SqlSessionFactory and SqlSession, you can understand the SqlSessionFactory interface and SqlSession interface and the two implementation classes, to see the source code, understand the implementation prUTF-8...

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05_Mybatis||day04_Mybatis Day 4 | | (summary, full text)

1. Delayed Loading in Mybatis Purpose: Do not waste memory spaceMain Configuration How to configure Start steps in main profile 2. Caching in Mybatis Basic concepts of caching 2.1 Level 1 Cache 2.2 Triggering empty primary cache 2.3 Level 2 Cache (required to be turned on step by step) Step 1:UTF-8...

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SpringMVC - Methods / parameters

SpringMVC - Methods / parameters Directions: Spring MVC - Introduction 1 @RequestMapping annotation 1.1 where @ requestmapping appears @The request mapping annotation defines the mapping rules of the processor for requests. The annotation can be defined on a class or method, but the meaning is UTF-8...

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After reading this article, if you don't understand the scope and life cycle of Bean in Spring, come to me directly!

catalogue 1, Scope of Bean 1. Singleton Bean declaration 2. Multi instance Bean declaration 2, The life cycle of Bean 1. bean initialization and destruction 2. bean postprocessor Hello, I'm little ape! A super bug program ape! When using Spring for IOC configuration, the configuration and use oUTF-8...

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Several ways of Spring dependent injection and automatic assembly of beans

6. Dependent Injection 6.1. Constructor Injection I've said that before 6.2. Set injection [Key] Dependent Injection: Set Injection! Dependency: bean objects are created by containers Injection: All properties in the bean object, injected by the container! [Environment Building] 1. Complex TypeUTF-8...

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