JApiDocs: I don't want to use Swagger anymore

1. Overview Swagger's most troublesome problem is that he needs to Controller Add a heap to the list @ ApiOperation,@ApiOperation Annotation is invasive to code. Today, I recommend an annotated solution. hug close the powerful guy This is it. JApiDocs, which can be based on On Controller Java aUTF-8...

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Detailed explanation of Spring technology

1, What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Spring framework? Spring is a layered Java SE/EE application full stack open source framework, with IOC (inversion control) and AOP (aspect oriented programming) as the kernel //advantage Easy to decouple and simplify development(Spring IOC CoUTF-8...

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The essence of Spring Ioc

The essence of Ioc Control inversion Ioc is a design idea, not a new technology. DI (dependency injection) is a way to implement Ioc. Some people think that DI is just another way of Ioc. In the program without Ioc, object-oriented programming is used. The creation of objects and the dependencyUTF-8...

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Talk about Spring's Transmissibility

Interviewer: There are two methods to update data in a business class and they are transactional. If the second method calls the first method, how many transactions will there be? Because of the epidemic in 2020, the company has been in a recession. Since October 2020, the company has only paidUTF-8...

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Whether the configuration file control function is effective based on SpringBoot

Usage scenario: in a product, the requirements of each customer are different. It is obviously unnecessary to put the requirements of customer 1 on customer 2, but it will be very cumbersome to modify in the code, so we can control whether this function takes effect through the configuration fiUTF-8...

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Spring learning notes - Business

Spring transactions 1. Business Review 1.1 what is a transaction Transaction refers to the operation sequence formed by the combination of multiple operations in the database 1.2 role of transaction 1. Provide a way to restore the database state to the normal state when individual operations iUTF-8...

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4, Use of SpringBoot2 - core function unit test

1. JUnit5 changes Spring Boot 2.2.0 introduces JUnit 5 as the default library for unit testing As the latest version of JUnit framework, JUnit5 is very different from JUnit framework of previous versions. It is composed of several different modules of three different subprojects JUnit 5 = JUniUTF-8...

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Spring MVC -- 10 configuration filter and Json

12 configuration filter In spring MVC, we can still use filters for some processing. We can configure them in web.xml like in Servlet stage, or we can configure them with Java classes provided by spring MVC 12.1 configure in web.xml characterFilter

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Spring framework -- spring transaction management and spring transaction propagation behavior

Spring transaction management A transaction can be regarded as a unit composed of several operations on the database Function: ensure that every operation of the user is reliable, every operation must be successful, as long as there is an exception, it will go back to the state that the transacUTF-8...

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Implementation of spring boot integrated paypal payment rest api v2

1, Java payment docking Payment method: The main feature of standard payment is that it only needs to integrate paypal Button, all payment processes are controlled by paypal, and the access party does not need to care about payment details. When the user completes the payment, paypal will notifUTF-8...

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