Spring security automatic login process and Implementation

1. Automatic login principle The general process is such a diagram, in which there are many details and classes, which are analyzed below 1.1. First login When logging in for the first time, you first need to check the component of checkbox. A check box to remember me should be given in the pagUTF-8...

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Spring Security Learning -- custom token configuration

preface The last blog summarized how various login methods are grafted to the authentication method of token. This blog will summarize how to generate custom tokens and how to realize single sign on (SSO) through JWT The source code of generating token in spring security oauth is as follows //UTF-8...

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Spring Security -- expression based permission control

1, Control URL permissions through expressions 2, Control method permissions through expressions Spring Security defines four annotations that support the use of expressions, namely @ PreAuthorize, @ PostAuthorize, @ PreFilter and @ PostFilter. The first two can be used to check permissions beUTF-8...

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Spring Security OAuth2 SSO_ Business notes

edition spring-security-web-5.2.2.RELEASE.jar Q1: the business platform never intercepts the page and jumps to the authentication server for login. After successful login, it jumps back to the original page of the business platform The request url format is:

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Authorization of Spring Security core components

Spring Security has provided a lot of permission control by default. However, an excellent framework must have good extensibility. It happens that the extensibility of Spring Security is very good. We can not only use the methods provided by Spring Security for authorization, but also customizeUTF-8...

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Implementation records of different login methods under spring security authentication

I. selection of landing mode 1. When logging in with account and password: Normal login interface Service layer: @Override public ResultJson login(SysUser sysUser) { //The user's information is first put into the UsernamePasswordAuthentication class UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken authenticUTF-8...

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Don't you know spring security yet? Let's take a look at the actual combat summary of spring security~

Introduction to spring security: Related concepts in permission management principal: Users or devices using the system or users logging in remotely from other systems, etc. in short, who uses the system is the subject. authentication: The permission management system confirms the identity of aUTF-8...

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Spring Security Learning -- a brief analysis of spring security oauth source code

preface In the previous blog, the resource server and authentication server were implemented on the basis of spring security oauth, so that the service can smoothly issue tokens according to the four commonly used authorization modes. This blog is to realize the token based authentication methUTF-8...

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Super detailed Spring Security OAuth2 JWT (SSO) integration project

preface This project is a Spring Security OAuth2 JWT SSO integration project. It is suitable for those who have a certain understanding of Spring Security, OAuth2 and JWT SSO and want to carry out organic integration. The project is written based on the principle of the simplest to start and tUTF-8...

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Analysis of OAuth2 source code of spring security -- realizing multi login

Copyright notice: This article is the original article of blogger ExcelMann and cannot be reproduced without the permission of blogger. Author: ExcelMann, reprint should be noted. Analysis of OAuth2 source code of spring security Let's first look at the source code process of obtaining token thUTF-8...

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