Shiro getAuthenticationInfo() throws an exception, but global exception handling cannot receive the exception thrown by itself

The solution comes from StackOverflow: Apache Shiro: Exception-Handling with Multiple Realms First of all, let's draw a conclusion: This is due to the use of the default authentication strategy. You only need to implement a custom authentication strategy for your shiro The method to configure tUTF-8...

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springboot integration shiro+jwt detailed explanation + complete example

catalogue brief introduction objective jar needed Integration process 1. Configure shiro 2. Create a custom Realm 2.1 LoginRealm is used to handle user login two point two JwtRealm is used to check whether the user's token is correct and authorize the current user after login two point three OuUTF-8...

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Spring security and Shiro

SpringSecurity 1. Introduction to Spring Security introduce Spring Security is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access control framework. It's the actual standard for protecting spring based applications. features Comprehensive and scalable support for authentication and auUTF-8...

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The live video authentication is combined with the token or session of the service system

preface The live video system and the Web back-end system are basically two sets of systems. With the help of the Shiro framework of the Web back-end, providing authentication for live video can achieve very fine-grained excellent authentication. ■ demand There are two systems, business Web syUTF-8...

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Shiro learning notes: introduction and use of MD5 and Salt

1, Introduction of MD5 algorithm MD5 algorithm is used to ensure complete and consistent information transmission. MD5 is an irreversible string transformation algorithm, which transforms any length of "byte string" into a 128bit large integer. Even if you see the source program and algorithm dUTF-8...

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Spring Boot integrates Shiro to realize login authentication

Note: the overall project structure. Omit the code related to the data access layer and use fixed data for authentication. Note: the overall project structure. Omit the code related to the data access layer and use fixed data for authentication. 1, Spring Boot integrates Shiro to realize login UTF-8...

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Shiro learning notes (used to record personal learning)

Note: This article is Nange teaches you Java of [hard core dry goods] learn to integrate Shiro with Spring Boot in 2 hours My study notes. My level is limited, for reference only. Any comments and suggestions are welcome to be pointed out. Shiro 1. What is Shiro Official website: http://shiro.aUTF-8...

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Springboot 2 integrated shiro authentication (Part 2)

stay Last In this article, we will briefly describe the integration process of shiro. 1. Add dependency In POM Add the following shiro dependency to XML 1.7.1 org.springframework.boot

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Shiro is easy to use ①

Shiro is easy to use ① Try to use Shiro in the SpringBoot framework, corresponding to the SpringBoot-08-Shiro project. 1. Environmental construction After selecting Web and Thhtmeleaf dependency to create the project, add the home page and the corresponding controller to ensure successful accesUTF-8...

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Shiro is easy to use ②

Shiro is easy to use ② Connect to the real database by integrating MyBatis and use Shiro's authorization and authentication management! 1. Integrate MyBatis By the way, review the steps of configuring and connecting to the database! 1.1 import dependency First, import the dependencies required UTF-8...

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