Java Web basic knowledge points (in follow-up)

1. When to set the encoding For example, you have a text box in the page, and you have a servlet called requestdemo06 (the virtual path is / requestDemo06), You want to get the value of the name text box. If you input a Chinese character into the text box and you don't set the code, the output UTF-8...

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Simple use of servlet filter

Why use filters or interceptors? In short, when an account needs to enter a system to call an interface, we need to verify it. Otherwise, once the interface is exposed, the system may crash. At this time, we need to use interceptors to authenticate the calling interface. Simple use of servlet fUTF-8...

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Java Web student attendance system (Jsp+Servlet)

It realizes the function of students' attendance and clock in. Teachers can see the situation of students who don't punch in in time. Including the addition, deletion and modification of check-in and punch in, and the addition, deletion and modification of student information. Main technology: UTF-8...

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Servlet Quick Build Sample Learning

1. Simple Servlet demo (project name Servlet) The project catalog is as follows 1. maven adds dependent packages javax.servlet javax.servlet-api 4.0.1 provided 2. Write server-side Servlet pUTF-8...

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Java basic syntax_ 25_ Foundation strengthening 01

1. Class loader Class 1.1 loader [understanding] effect Be responsible for loading. class files (stored physical files) into memory 1.2 class loading process [understanding] Class loading timing Create an instance (object) of a classCall the class method of the classAccess or assign a value to UTF-8...

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Request and response

request Request object 1. ServletRequest in service method in GenericServlet abstract class 2. HttpServletRequest in doGet and doPost methods in HttpServlet abstract class Requested resource Method for requesting object to obtain path //Get virtual directory String contextPath = req.getContextPUTF-8...

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The forwarding and redirection of servlet s and the difference between their directory addresses

forward: Conclusion: Forwarding is to get the content of the jump page and render it on your own page. The following will explain it with drawingThe domain name does not jump to B.jsp, but the domain name bound by servlet classUsing forwarding will continue to execute the code after the forwardUTF-8...

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[JavaWeb] JSP (basic JSP)

1.Jsp overview JSP, the full name of Java Server Pages, is a dynamic web page development technology. It can return html data page instead of Servlet. 2. Visit the Jsp page 3. Instruction of JSP header JSP instructions are used to set the properties related to the entire JSP page.

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Servlet - server

preface A series of materials released by me are for learning, backup and use, and convenient for review in the future. With the continuous improvement of technology, each article will continue to add content or expand articles. This is to uphold the mentality of sharing, learn from each otherUTF-8...

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jsp login case

/* *Background login function steps: *- receive the request from the client (the parameter contains user information) * 1. Judge whether all user information is filled in completely: *- if the parameter is empty: *Set the message model object to the request scope by returning results (setting sUTF-8...

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