Detailed parsing of C++ virtual functions (with examples)

Preface \quad\quad It is believed that many people want to know how polymorphism works when they understand it.In fact, you should all know more or less that virtual functions are implemented through virtual function tables.But, as I probably did before, I knew what it was like, but I didn't rUTF-8...

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May 22, 2021

1, Basic knowledge: 1. The definition of common variables (integer, single precision real, double precision real, character), array, pointer and structure variables 2. Input and output methods of the above variables. 2, Typical programming questions in examination (1) Sequence structure programUTF-8...

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Smart pointer_ ptr

I'm talking about weak_ Before PTR, we need to recall shared_ Knowledge of PTR. shared_ptr is an intelligent pointer with reference count, and multiple shared_ptr instances can point to the same dynamic object and maintain a shared reference counter. For reference counting, we can't avoid the pUTF-8...

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Do you know the knowledge of pointer? C language super hard core pointer advanced version 3w + word detailed explanation + pointer pen test drawing + text detailed explanation

Advance of pointer Basic knowledge of pointer primary level: 1. The pointer is the address, the address is the pointer, and the pointer exists in the variable, which is called pointer change 2. The size of the pointer is 4 (32-bit platform) / 8 bytes (64 bit platform) 3. The meaning of pointer UTF-8...

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GO Language interface Text

1.1 interface is concise Interface (interface) is one of the most important features of golang. Interface types can define a set of methods, but these do not require reality Now.And interface cannot contain any variables. ◼ interface is a collection of methods ◼ interface is a type and is a poiUTF-8...

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Practice the pointer of C language

1, Pointer and array exercises and analysis 10 printf, please do it by yourself, and then look at the answers first group int a[] = {1,2,3,4}; printf("%d\n",sizeof(a));//1 printf("%d\n",sizeof(a+0));//2 printf("%d\n",sizeof(*a));//3 printf("%d\n",sizeof(a+1));//4 printf("%d\n",sizeof(a[1]));//UTF-8...

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Implementation of C + + callback function

To achieve high-performance programming: the general approach is thread pool + task pool. Here is a brief introduction to what callbacks should do. 1. Function pointer #include "mainwindow.h" #include #include //The first step is to declare the function pointer. The follUTF-8...

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oops problem record and simple analysis of MIPS platform

1. oops raised when calling a function with NULL function pointer oops information is printed as follows ~ # CPU 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00000000, epc == 00000000, ra == 800286c4 Oops[#1]: CPU: 0 PID: 790 Comm: mtdblock3 Tainted: G O 3.10.90 #98 task: 872c443UTF-8...

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Introduction to C + +: Pointer: Understanding

Pointer Understanding point 1: Address The pointer stores the address of the object, and the pointer itself has an address; code: #include using namespace std; int main() { int a = 12; int b; int* p; int** ptr; p = &a; cout

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The simplest way to achieve a full set of information management system( (archived)

Realization of information management system through linked list Generally speaking, there are two ways to realize information management, one is through array, the other is through linked list. Compared to arrays, linked lists make the operation of the program more efficient, using the essenceUTF-8...

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