In OpenStack (Stein) multi Region, the zun service can't use Region to obtain network normally

In multiple regions, there are multiple users in each Region, and each user needs to specify his own Region to obtain the corresponding service when accessing the service. If the zun service can't create a container by default, it will report an error and can't find the network. One possible reUTF-8...

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openstack virtual machine windows2016 image making

1, Preparation (kvm environment, vnc remote connection tool) Prepare the ISO image file for windows 2016 Download VirtIO driver (tested version 126 for 2012r2 and 164 for 2016) Official website address:

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OpenStack nanny level installation tutorial

Introduction to OpenStack OpenStack: it is an open source software. It provides open source and can establish public and private clouds. The purpose is to help organizations run virtual computing or service storage clouds. It is generally divided into four nodes Control node: control of other UTF-8...

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Private network and graphical configuration of openstack for enterprise operation and maintenance

On the basis of the previous article, continue to improve the relevant configuration of openstack. Start the control node first, and then start the computing node. Call the administrator's permission to view the status of related components. [root@controller ~]# source admin-openrc [root@contrUTF-8...

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Packstack builds Openstack R version

Packstackda builds Openstack R version @Environmental preparation A. Three centos7 8 experimental nodes. B. The minimum memory is set to 4G. The Controller node needs to have a system disk size of 100 and add a blank disk with a size of 200G. The mapper home logical volume can be deleted in adUTF-8...

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Cloud computing storage virtualization technology - openstack cinder

brief introduction Storage virtualization technology is a technology of secondary storage allocation on physical storage media For example, lvm and common partitions are also simple storage virtualization A physical disk is divided into two pieces for use, or 10 disks are aggregated into one sUTF-8...

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Cloud computing platform OpenStack installation FAQs

Problems related to cloud computing platform OpenStack installation apt common commands: # Apt get series========================================= apt-get update # Update installation list apt-get upgrade # Upgrade software apt-get install software_name # Install software apt-get --purge removeUTF-8...

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OpenStack_Rocky version-9 Create virtual machine instance

1. Create virtual machine instance 1.1 create external network 1.1.1 create provider external network [root@controller ~]# source admin-openrc [root@controller ~]# openstack network create --share --external --provider-physical-network provider --provider-network-type flat provider [root@contrUTF-8...

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Concept and deployment of glance component in openstack

One concept The glance component provides an image service in opentag so that users can find, save and obtain images major function 1. Query and obtain the metadata of the image and the image itself 2 register and upload virtual machine images, including image creation, upload, download and maUTF-8...

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OpenStack Victoria version - 2 Control node - environment configuration and basic installation environment configuration

2. Control node - environment configuration and basic installation environment configuration More steps: OpenStack Victoria installation and deployment series tutorials OpenStack deployment series Openstack deployment tutorial series OpenStack Ussuri offline installation and deployment series tUTF-8...

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