Teach you how to build npm private library

Recently, I finally have time to do something other than business requirements, so I put the component library requirements on the agenda. For some components that are not suitable for open source, I thought of building a private npm warehouse. So I ran to consult the experienced boss. The bossUTF-8...

Posted by TylerL on Tue, 25 Jan 2022 08:41:15 +1030

How to "better" obtain random ID?

Nanoid or UUid 1.What is UUid? Universal unique identifier (UUID) is a 128 bit identifier used to identify information in computer system. UUID Baidu Encyclopedia 2. Several methods of UUID generation 2.1. UUID Version 1: time based UUID The time-based UUID is obtained by calculating the curreUTF-8...

Posted by e11rof on Tue, 25 Jan 2022 17:36:00 +1030

Vue router automatically generates routing page directories and files

I tried to write a tool, which has been published to npm, address:https://www.npmjs.com/package...Welcome to try ~ here's a document first, and then talk about the implementation ideas 😁introduceAccording to the router object you provide, automatically create the corresponding page file directUTF-8...

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Teach you to write a scaffold and release the npm package

Nuggets link As the capital construction of the company, the construction of scaffold plays a very important role. Daily scaffolds such as Vue CLI and angular cli complete the rapid construction of the overall framework through simple initialization commands. It is necessary for us to systematiUTF-8...

Posted by smellicus on Wed, 26 Jan 2022 23:31:52 +1030

Puge-Nuxt.js optimization pit, CDN acceleration (axios/jQuery/swiper/vue-lazyload image lazy loading, etc.), elementui on-demand loading

Server-side rendering nuxt Enable cdn acceleration for axios/jQuery/swiper/vue-lazyload, elementUI import on demand Foreword: There are many pits in doing some performance optimization in nuxt, although nuxt has helped you do a lot. Here's what I slowly mashed up, looking at the big guys in queUTF-8...

Posted by miramichiphoto on Sun, 30 Jan 2022 18:01:13 +1030

Front desk construction of rongyibao project management platform

Front desk construction of rongyibao project management platform WeChat official account: order, reply management front code, get front-end code. 1, NPM package management 1. Introduction 1.1 what is NPM The full name of NPM is Node Package Manager JS package management tool is the world's largUTF-8...

Posted by bassguru on Fri, 04 Feb 2022 22:25:47 +1030

Solutions to slow and failed installation of canvas in npm - node environment

Node is cross platform, so any node module theory should be cross platform. However, some node modules directly or indirectly use native C/C + + code. If these things want to cross platform, they need to use the source code to compile the native module according to the actual operating platformUTF-8...

Posted by marcel on Thu, 10 Feb 2022 04:48:48 +1030

Vue webpack packaging tutorial

webpack 1. Create a project and initialize it at the terminal npm init -y Generate a package under the project directory JSON file 2. Create src folder in the project directory and index. In the src directory HTML file and index JS file index. The HTML content is: 1 2

Posted by outpost on Fri, 11 Feb 2022 00:17:38 +1030

[applet] applet learning 06-npm

06-npm use In the applet, the npm package has the following three restrictions: Dependency on node is not supported Package of JS built-in LibraryPackages that depend on browser built-in objects are not supportedPackages that depend on C + + plug-ins are not supported Vant UI install InitializeUTF-8...

Posted by yankeefan238 on Fri, 11 Feb 2022 16:45:17 +1030

Configuration process of the latest version of webpack (for beginners, start by installing node)

1. First, of course, install node JS (click here to download) The odd version is the development version and the even version is the stable version. It is recommended to download 12 X or 14 X (file suffix msi). In the process of node installation, you only need to change the installation path (UTF-8...

Posted by MerlinJR on Fri, 18 Feb 2022 07:43:21 +1030