Netty sticky packet and half packet

1, Examples Server side code package com.lboyang.chapter03; import; import io.netty.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap; import*; import; import

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Java advanced-08 (network programming)

Network programming Personal blog: Network communication protocol Multiple computers can be connected through the computer network. Computers in the same network need to abide by certain rules when connecting and communicating, just like cars driving on the road must abide bUTF-8...

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Java NIO

Java NIO catalogue Java NIO 2, NIO 2.1 introduction to NiO 2.2 composition of NiO 1)Channel 2) Buffer (buffer) 3)Selector Common methods of NIO NIO example 2, NIO Event driven + multiplexing The write event represents whether there is space in the underlying buffer. If there is, the response isUTF-8...

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Netty Framework Learning - UDP Broadcasting

UDP Broadcast Connection-oriented transport, such as TCP, manages the establishment of a connection between two network endpoints, orderly and reliable message transmission over the life cycle of the connection, and, finally, orderly termination of the connection.In contrast, UDP-like connectiUTF-8...

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Summary of Java Network Programming

Summary of Java Network Programming About Network Programming Network Hierarchical Model In computer networks, for convenience of design (layering reduces the overall complexity of network problems, the idea of modularization is essentially a design idea), independence of function (each layer hUTF-8...

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[Channel Coding] convolutional code and Viterbi decoding and their MATLAB implementation

Introduction: This is the last stop of Channel Coding in this column. If you want to have a systematic understanding of Channel Coding, you can see the article "overall framework of Channel Coding" in this column. In this article, the basic principle of convolutional code, the process of ViterbUTF-8...

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Luat module application manual - examples - Luat DEMO - long connection ultra-low power consumption scheme

How to realize the function of low power consumption and long connection with development board brief introduction Socket is the most commonly used function in the Internet of things. This paper introduces how to build a TCP server with Air724 development board and PC to demonstrate the functioUTF-8...

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[TCP/IP] I contributed the concurrency processing & source code of the TCP server that I had hidden for four years in college

TCP/IP is also a knowledge point that Daxian had a hard time understanding when he was in college. In college, teachers basically only speak principle knowledge and won't teach you how to knock the code. It's really difficult for self-study. It's not easy to stick to it! Implementation principlUTF-8...

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Several ways of C++ Socket network data transmission

When C++ Socket transmits network data, the data is generally a char type character array. In addition, there are some methods to transmit the data types defined by ourselves Custom structureJson serializationDefine Class object 1. Structure Define a structure, for example: struct DataPack { inUTF-8...

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The whole process of resolving packet sticking and unpacking during "Netty series" TCP communication

This weekend, the article continues. When using TCP protocol for communication, the most frequently heard problems are packet sticking and unpacking. This article will take a look at how to solve the problems of sticking and unpacking. A TCP packet sticking / unpacking problem and its solution UTF-8...

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