Netty sticky packet and half packet

1, Examples Server side code package com.lboyang.chapter03; import; import io.netty.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap; import*; import; import

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Brief Analysis of netty Source Code

Data access and decoding process We then proceed with the processing of the data received by the server analyzed above. One of the steps is to execute the pipelinefireChannelRead(byteBuf) method and pass the data to the subsequent processing. Let's look at the decoding process that follows.We'lUTF-8...

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Brief Analysis of netty Source Code

Service-side data access //Read and connect events ready to execute //OP_if it is a box threadACCEPT event, OP_if it is a work threadREAD Event if ((readyOps & (SelectionKey.OP_READ | SelectionKey.OP_ACCEPT)) != 0 || readyOps == 0) {; } Similar to client access aboveUTF-8...

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High performance architecture design of Netty

Netty overview Problems of native NIO 1.NIO's class library and API are complicated and inconvenient to use: you need to master Selector, ServerSocketChannel, SocketChannel, ByteBuffer, etc. 2. Need to have other additional skills: to be familiar with Java multithreading programming, because NUTF-8...

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MappedFileQueue for RocketMQ storage

1, Overview In the last article, we analyzed the implementation details of MappedFile. MappedFile implements the function of file memory mapping. In this article, we analyze the implementation of MappedFileQueue. The function of MappedFileQueue is to organize multiple mappedfiles in order, andUTF-8...

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Core components of Netty framework

preface Xiaobian shared the thread model and simple use of netty last time. You can have a look at it if you don't know Thread model and basic usage of Netty framework Xiaobian admits that network programming is still very complicated and falls into the pit accidentally. Even for the code of XiUTF-8...

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Netty framework learning unit testing

Overview of embedded channel ChannelHandler is the key element of netty program, so thoroughly testing them should be a standard part of your development process. Embedded channel is provided by netty to improve the unit testing of ChannelHandler. Netty provides what it calls embedded transporUTF-8...

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Distributed Theme - Netty02 of NIO Framework - Netty and NIO Past and Present

Preface In this section we will continue to learn more about NIO. Netty is divided into seven sections: 01 The Evolution of Java IO02 Netty and NIO03 Netty's Beginning Experience of Refactoring RPC Framework04 Netty Core's Way to High Performance05 Pipeline and EventLoop of the Great Artery wiUTF-8...

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No, sir! It's the first time that I've heard someone explain NIO in terms of the relationship between men and women

BIO: losers chasing girls in 1980s In the 1980s, the loser man bought a BP R to chase his younger sister. The man used the pager to leave a message to the girl Man: let's go to a movie in the afternoon[ [10 am] This is the only girl who is attracted by boys, so she has been waiting for the girlUTF-8...

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Understand-Netty Codec-Pack Unpacking-Heartbeat Mechanism-Automatic Reconnection of Disconnected Lines

Netty Codec Netty involves the components of coding and decoding Channel, ChannelHandler, ChannelPipe, etc. To get a general understanding of these components. ChannelHandler ChannelHandler acts as an application logic container for processing inbound and outbound data.For example, implementinUTF-8...

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