Springboot+Thymeleaf+Jpa for full login (full source with authentication code)

Catalog Recently I learned about the comprehensive use of Springboot+Thymeleaf+Jpa, so I want to write a simple login interface to try it out. Here's how First, create a springboot project Add the following dependencies pom.xml code

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MySQL basic statement

DQL query data* DQL Data query language: Data Query Language SELECT SELECT [ALL | DISTINCT] {* | table.* | [table.firld1[as alias1][,table.firld2[as alias2]][,...]] } FROM table_name [as table_alias] [left | right | inner join table_name2] # Joint query [WHERE ...] # Specify the conditions for UTF-8...

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Database: primary key

Database ☞ primary key This paper is mainly based on the corresponding learning of the database, and summarizes an important knowledge point in the database - primary key! Some other knowledge points, such as foreign key, relational database, etc., will be interspersed in the middle. preface ThUTF-8...

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Monitoring service zabbix deployment

Monitoring service zabbix deployment zabbix introduction zabbix is an enterprise level open source solution based on WEB interface, which provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring functions. zabbix can monitor various network parameters to ensure the safe operation of the sUTF-8...

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Pitfalls and suggestions in table design

1. Number type 1.1 integer type Is the quantity field signed or not? Generally speaking, the quantity can not be negative. It is reasonable to use unsigned. But the following situation, do this kind of subtraction statistics, then the error will come. The calculated value is negative, out of thUTF-8...

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MySQL Learning Notes

MySQL Learning Notes SQL: Structure Quevy Language 1. Basic Knowledge DDL: Data Definition Language DML: Data Operating Language - Operating Records in Database Tables DQL: Data Query Language DCL: Data Control Language - Define access and security levels 1. Login Method mysql -uroot -p123456 -UTF-8...

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java a simple orm framework development

catalogue ORM effect benefit Development of a simple ORM framework development environment The general structure of the project is shown in the figure below Implementation details First, add a dependency package to pom.xml Create databases and tables Create an entity class Student Create a reflUTF-8...

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Single column split multi column query and combined display of Mysql written examination questions

Single column split multi column query and combined display of Mysql written examination questions The thing is this: one day in the development group to see peers chatting, a peer sent a mysql written test. I studied for several hours with a try mentality. Don't talk too much, go straight to tUTF-8...

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Using shell script of Linux system to build LNMP platform easily

interpretation Tip: understand the composition of LNMP architecture 50: Represents a L inux system N: Represents the Nginx service M: Represents a Mysql database P: Represents programming languages such as PHP, python, perl, etc working principle Tip: to achieve what effect, the general processUTF-8...

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tomcat+php+mysql environment configuration

tomcat installation configuration Download tomcat from tomcat website Download zip packageUnzip to the directory you wantBefore using Tomcat, you need JDK and JAVA_HOME environment variable configurationModify the logging.properties file under the conf file, Solve the problem of garbled consolUTF-8...

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