Redis source code analysis

preface prefaceMacro cardingStart up processnetwork layerprotocol layerBusiness layerIn the process of saving to dict, the shape of data has been changingDefine a new data typeSummary Refer to "Apache Kafka source code analysis" -- the basic routine of server network development Macro carding TUTF-8...

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Learn from RabbitMQ notes and personal summary

1, What is middleware? 1. Introduction Since the 1980s, Chinese enterprises have been gradually carrying out information construction. Due to the immaturity of methods and systems, as well as the continuous change of business and market demand, an enterprise may run multiple different business UTF-8...

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RabbitMQ -- Message Middleware

1, What is middleware? Middleware is the software between operating system and application program. Middleware is an independent system software or service program, with which distributed application software can share resources among different technologies. There are many middleware products, UTF-8...

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Monitoring system practice day 13: 5 days to start laravel 8.5 middleware (2 / 5)

preface Many languages have Middleware in their frameworks, but their names, names and forms of existence are different. Middleware is really easy to use. It saves time and effort. Yesterday, we introduced the routing of laravel 8.5. Today, we will introduce its middleware. The focus will be oUTF-8...

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Service exposure and service reference of Dubbo

The following figure is a big picture of the dubbo framework. According to the hierarchical structure of dubbo, the source code of each layer is analyzed in combination with the source code ![](

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Redis overview, principle, basic operation and persistence of redis learning

1, Redis introduction Redis is an open source log type, key value database written in ANSI C language, complying with BSD protocol, supporting network, memory based and persistent, and provides multi language API. It is usually called data structure server, because value can be string, map, lisUTF-8...

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What I have to say about the LengthFieldBasedFrameDecoder

What is the LengthFieldBasedFrameDecoder? The LengthFieldBasedFrameDecoder may be strange to people who don't often contact netty, but it must be familiar to people who often use netty. A decoder that splits the received ByteBufs dynamically by the value of the length field in the message. It iUTF-8...

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Handwriting RPC optimization

After the first nine quarters (thousands of difficulties and obstacles), we finally got the desired result, but is it over? As a qualified programmer, you must learn to say no to requirements!, Er, I didn't drink. Why did I tell the truth? As a qualified programmer, you must learn to say no to UTF-8...

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Optimize the security configuration of Nginx service

catalogue 1. Mask version number information 2. Limit concurrency 3. Reject illegal requests 4. Prevent buffer overflow 1. Mask version number information [root@proxy ~]# vim /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf ... ... http{ server_tokens off; #Manually add such a line under http (mask version infUTF-8...

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Spring Boot integrates Shiro to realize login authentication

Note: the overall project structure. Omit the code related to the data access layer and use fixed data for authentication. Note: the overall project structure. Omit the code related to the data access layer and use fixed data for authentication. 1, Spring Boot integrates Shiro to realize login UTF-8...

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