Record 3: interrupt of ESP32-C3

environment System: Ubuntu 16.04 Software: ESP-IDF Hardware platform: Anxin developable board (you can use self-made development board or other development boards) 1. Preliminary preparation Here, I still use the resources on the development board of Anxin (because I'm too lazy to draw the boarUTF-8...

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Temperature Alarm System Based on 51 Single-chip Computer

Catalog Preface 1. What is the temperature control system? 2. Design Purpose 1. Environmental needs 2. Design Basis 3. Design 1.C51 Programming 2.Proteus simulation (1). The components are as follows (2) schematic diagram. summary Preface Since the birth of micro-calculator in the 1970s, it hasUTF-8...

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Guide-luat Secondary Development Tutorial Guide-Functional Development Tutorial-Modbus

Modbus brief introduction Modbus controls the device by reading and writing a series of registers. It is a common serial communication protocol. Now Modbus protocol has become the industry standard for industrial communication protocols (De facto) and is now the common connection method betweeUTF-8...

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LuatOS | experience new BSP -- LuatOS Emulator Based on Win32

Following the previous launch of On line simulator After that, LuatOS launched a new BSP -- LuatOS Emulator Based on Windows 32. LuatOS@Win32 Function introduction LuatOS@Win32 Emulator is a new bsp of luatos based on Windows32. Without hardware limitation, the computer can directly compile luUTF-8...

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[4] open62541v1.2 official document Chinese_ Tutorial 2

brief introduction open62541 uses CMake to build libraries and binaries. The version of the library is automatically detected with git describe. This command returns a valid version string based on the current label. If you use a tar or zip package from the release instead of cloning the sourcUTF-8...

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51 single chip microcomputer keyboard in learning notes (non coding keyboard and coding keyboard, scanning mode of non coding keyboard, independent keyboard, matrix keyboard)

(1) Basic supplement 1. Keyboard tasks (1) Judge whether a key is pressed? If yes, go to the next step. (2) Identify which key is pressed and find the corresponding key value. (3) According to the key value, find the handler entry of the corresponding key value. 2. Keyboard recognition WhetherUTF-8...

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Audio and video learning - YUV raw data

Audio and video technology hierarchy (Raytheon's diagram) 1 what is yuv? In YUV, Y represents brightness, that is, gray value; U and V represent chromaticity, used to describe image color and saturation, and used to specify the color of pixels. YUV separates the brightness information Y from thUTF-8...

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Hisilicon 3861 environment construction

development environment ubuntu18.04 DOPI3861 development board Q group: 735884031 1, Install compiler tools 1. Download the compilation tool according to the official document and add it to the environment variable

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Basic supplement of digital image and machine vision

1, Introduction to relevant knowledge The computer can display images in bitmap and vector format. 1.1 bitmap: Image is also called dot matrix or raster. It uses small dots called pixels to describe the image. A computer screen is actually a grid containing a large number of pixels. When we enUTF-8...

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Graduation project: intelligent irrigation system based on Arduino - Embedded MCU Internet of things

1 Introduction Hi, everyone, this is senior Dan Cheng. Today I'd like to introduce a single chip microcomputer project to you Intelligent irrigation system based on Arduino It can be used in curriculum design or graduation design Technical solutions, design help and problem opening guidance prUTF-8...

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