ElasticSearch es integrated development of spinning boot

you know for search ! Official website Guide — Java API – Chinese word segmentation github - Linux ES installation notes Es data format Index (indexes / indexes) - > similar to databaseDocument (_ Doc) - > the basic unit for storing data, such as a piece of user data, which is stored in the useUTF-8...

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Iterm2 uses lrzsz(rz, sz)

preface Many times, because the company's server has a springboard machine, firewall, etc., we can not easily use sftp, scp and other tools. For the transmission of small files, RZ / SZ is the most convenient. If the transmission file is large, it is not suitable. We may need to build ftp or hUTF-8...

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Server usage

preface The group server is used by many people in the group (handed down from generation to generation), and it is difficult to maintain. Please abide by the rules. This is the first edition of instructions: Tips: the following is the main content of this article, and the following cases are UTF-8...

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Summary of Git commands

preface Git is a tool that is frequently used in our daily work. All kinds of instructions are dazzling. Today, let's summarize some of its basic instructions, which can be regarded as an operation note. Basic instruction git add Adds information about the file to be submitted to the staging arUTF-8...

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Using WinDivert to capture package and develop windows weak network tool (C + + version)

introduce WinDivert the simplest access tutorial, as well as the use of some experience preface -The recently developed real-time combat game was tested in a foreign country, and many other countries also wanted to experience it. They came to our game through the ladder. We found that when theyUTF-8...

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Guava cache source parsing

The following source addresses are:https://gitee.com/lidishan/guava-code-analysis/blob/master/guava/src/com/google/common/cache/LocalCache.java Involving dependency com.google.guava guava 29.0-jre

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git usage-command form

Installation of git software 1.Download address: https://git-scm.com/downloads 2.Once downloaded, go straight to the next foolish installation. Download version as shown in Figure: Introduction to git Git Is a distributed version control system ( Distributed Version Control System,AbbreviatioUTF-8...

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vscode remote development c/c++

vscode remote development c/c++ brief introduction c/c + + or embedded development often needs to be developed in linux environment. Under windows, in addition to installing linux virtual machine with vmware/vbox, wsl1/wsl2 can also be installed. The full name of WSL is the linux subsystem of wUTF-8...

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Single case design pattern of design pattern

Singleton mode Singleton Pattern is one of the most common design patterns in Java. This type of design pattern is a creation pattern, which provides One of the best ways to create objects. Simple interest mode involves a single class, which is responsible for creating its own objects and ensurUTF-8...

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Pinda general permission item

Pinda general permission system 1. Project overview 1.1 project introduction For most projects in enterprises, user rights management, authentication, authentication, encryption, decryption, XSS anti cross site attack and so on are required. The overall realization ideas of these functions are UTF-8...

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