This article takes you to understand vue's process of creating a background management system (Vue+Element)

I'm a ballad. It's easy to give up, but it must be cool to stick to it 1 Preface Based on my own work experience, if you have any unreasonable points, please make complaints about it. 2 Definition Background management system what to add, delete and change a page is not a bit like, do not repeaUTF-8...

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[Web Front End HTML5&CSS3] 01-Introduction to Front End

Note Source: Silicon Valley Web Front End HTML5&CSS3 Beginner Zero Basic Starter Complete Edition Introduction to Front End 1. Classification of software 1.1. System Software WindowsLinuxmacOS 1.2. Application software OfficeQQ 1.3. Game Software Jedi SurvivalGlory of Kings 2. Client and ServerUTF-8...

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Hexo next blog building

Title: hexo with GitHub to build a blog, using nexT theme date: 2021-04-26 19:21:20 categories: - [interest, website, Blog] tags: - Hexo - Git password: top: 100 typora-root-url: .. Hexo blog building Hexo is a static blog framework based on Node.js, which iUTF-8...

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Record the interview experience of a large factory

one side 1. Algorithm problem: realize a link, you can add nodes, delete nodes function insert(head, n ,val) { var node = { val: val, next: null } if (head == null) { return node } if (n === 0) { = head; return node; } var p = head; for(var i=0; i

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The 13th day of learning

Today, I learned something very interesting. I learned a new selector, but I still focused on the layout of the elastic box. I found that this method is much more convenient to use. 1, CSS3 selector 1. Property selector Instead of naming a tag, you can use its own html Attribute selection elemeUTF-8...

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Different domain name websites carry information to jump and save to localStorage

Switch between different websites and carry information to another website. Take website A for example( B website( Now we need to link to website B through website A, and carry relevant parameters to website B. because the local data cached by each wUTF-8...

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Review of Front End Knowledge

Internet and Browsers Cross-domain Cross-domain is the concept of front-end browsers, while back-end has no cross-domain concept.A Front End sends requests to A Back End generally not across domains, A Front End sends requests to B Back End generally across domains, A Back End sends requests toUTF-8...

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[college dormitory management system] Chapter 10 absence management, repair management, visitor management and announcement management

Chapter 10 absence management, repair report management, visitor management and announcement management Tip: this blog is an independent blog, not an authority, for reference only! All ideas are for communication only! If there are any deficiencies, please kindly correct them in the comments seUTF-8...

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[new crown vaccine appointment] Fiddler capture new crown vaccine appointment interface and script implementation

1. Tools Fiddler bag grabbing toolMobile phone (Unified LAN with PC)Chrome browserPostman 2. Interface capture Open fiddler software and press the following settings in Tools > Options: Set the connection information. Note that the port here is used for mobile phone connection Check the IP addUTF-8...

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Understanding of async and await in js

1, Before explaining async and await, let's create three common functions, as follows: export default { created() { function funOne() { return '111111' } function funTwo(){ return '222222' } function funThree(){ return '333333' } function run (){ console.log(funOUTF-8...

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