How does the IoT IoT platform achieve 1 million/second message broadcasting?

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In IoT scenarios, there are often requests for broadcasting messages from all devices. How to instantly push messages to massive online devices?
The Alibaba Cloud IoT Enterprise IoT instance provides developers with a PubBroadcast interface, which can reach 1 million online devices in seconds, so that enterprises can have no worries when facing high concurrent demands.

Create 4 devices and broadcast content

Let's take the scene message broadcasting of the cashier speaker as an example to demonstrate the broadcasting function of all devices.

Device and Broadcast Message Body

Full device broadcast interface PubBroadcast

Example of the message message received by the device: Topic example:

Topic Example:

Payload Example:
    "volume": 80,
    "mode": 4

Full broadcast development practice

Device-side development
The IoT platform provides a full amount of broadcast topics by default, and devices can receive broadcast messages from the cloud without pre-subscribing. Device-side application code (Node.js example):

// node broadcast-device.js
const mqtt = require('aliyun-iot-mqtt');

//1. Device identity triplet + region
const options = require("./iot-device-config.json");

// 2. Establish an MQTT connection
const client = mqtt.getAliyunIotMqttClient(options);

//The system fully broadcasts the Topic prefix
const allBroadcastTopic = `/sys/${options.productKey}/${options.deviceName}/broadcast/request`;

client.on('message', function(topic, message) {
    //Filter all broadcast messages
    if (topic.indexOf(allBroadcastTopic) > -1) {

        console.log("The device receives all broadcast messages:")
        console.log("\ttopic=" + topic)
        console.log("\tmessage=" + message)

iot-device-config.json device configuration parameters:

    productKey: "g6palBDnzyT",
    deviceName: "dk004",
    deviceSecret: "424ed56661980c604255507d1b81464e",
    host: ""

Cloud background development
The cloud business system calls the PubBroadcast interface of the IoT instance to send broadcast messages and reach all online devices. Call code example (Node.js):

// node broadcast.js
const co = require('co');

const RPCClient = require('@alicloud/pop-core').RPCClient;

const options = {
    accessKey: "my own accessKey",
    accessKeySecret: "my own accessKeySecret"

//1. Create a client
const client = new RPCClient({
    accessKeyId: options.accessKey,
    secretAccessKey: options.accessKeySecret,
    endpoint: '',
    apiVersion: '2018-01-20'

// 2. Construct the iot API
// Here is the Action of the POP API
const action = 'PubBroadcast';
// broadcast content
const payload = {
    volume: 80,
    mode: 4
// Complete input params
const params = {
    ProductKey: "g6palBDnzyT",
    IotInstanceId: "iot-064a04kg",
    MessageContent: new Buffer(JSON.stringify(payload)).toString("base64")

co(function*() {
    //3. Initiate full broadcast PubBroadcast API call
    try {
        const response = yield client.request('PubBroadcast', params);

        console.log("PubBroadcast success =====>", JSON.stringify(response));
    } catch (err) {
        console.log("PubBroadcast fail =====>", JSON.stringify(err));

Full broadcast joint debugging

The business server calls the PubBroadcast API log:

Broadcast message logs received by 4 devices:
Topic message id is the same, deviceName is different

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