[Android Componentization] Componentization using Gradle (Gradle variable definition and use)

1. Top Gradle Defines Extended Variables In build.gradle at the Project level, use apply from:'component.gradle', introducing the component.gradle configuration; // Import the contents of the component.gradle configuration file to this location // Equivalent to introducing a header file apply UTF-8...

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Android Gradle learning notes sorting

prefaceGradle is an automated build tool that links the steps of software compilation, testing and deployment.For android developers, you already know build Gradle's android {} and dependencies {}, but what's his compilation process like? What can be done in this process?This article is a learnUTF-8...

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Gradle and AGP build API: how to write plug-ins

Welcome to read MAD Skills Collection The second article on building API between Gradle and AGP. Through the last article< Gradle and AGP build API: configure your build file >You have learned the basics of Gradle and how to configure Android Gradle Plugin. In this article, you will learn how tUTF-8...

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OKHTTP in simple terms - Usage

1. Introduce gradle introduces dependency implementation 'com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:3.14.7' implementation 'com.squareup.okio:okio:1.17.5' 2. Manifest application for network permission

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build.gradle structure analysis and common gradle commands

What is gradle A build tool used to manage dependency, compilation, packaging, deployment and other operations in a project. The predecessor is similar to Apache Ant and Maven, which are written in Groovy and do not need to use cumbersome XML form You can view all gradles of the project in the UTF-8...

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Android AAB+PAD packaging (java)

AAB Android App Bundle is a new official release format for Android, which allows you to develop and publish applications in a more efficient way. With Android App Bundle, you can more easily provide a high-quality experience with smaller applications, so as to improve the success rate of instaUTF-8...

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Even if you don't learn Gradle, these common development operations are worth mastering

Gradle is a topic that every Android student can't escape. Do you see other people's Gradle files clean and hygienic? And my own is a mess 🏷 Don't be afraid. This article will share some common operations in combination with my daily development. I hope it can help students who don't know how tUTF-8...

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Android component design 2 - Custom annotation processor (APT)

Put the picture up first This is Android component design - the magic of Gradle In the componentization architecture diagram in, component 1... Component 4 cannot be interdependent before. If component 1 wants to call component 2, it can only pass the routing capability of the basic layer compoUTF-8...

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Gradle - custom task

1 understand task s Task is the smallest task unit in gardle. Complex operations can be carried out between tasks (such as dynamic creation of tasks, dependent calls between multiple tasks, etc.). The execution of gradle is actually a combination of various tasks to build the project. Using theUTF-8...

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Gradle can really kill Maven? I experienced a thief today!

As a java web developer, many friends are using Maven as a build tool. As a construction tool strongly supported by Google, Gradle is widely used in Android development, and has a great tendency to replace Maven in Java Web. Does Gradle really smell that good? Today, let's experience it. Take mUTF-8...

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