Basic use of git

Basic use of git 1, Use and configuration of windows After the installation, enter win+q key to search git bash, and use the command to complete the setting of name and mailbox. $ git config --global "name" $ git config --global "" Create Library 1.First, cUTF-8...

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Hexo next blog building

Title: hexo with GitHub to build a blog, using nexT theme date: 2021-04-26 19:21:20 categories: - [interest, website, Blog] tags: - Hexo - Git password: top: 100 typora-root-url: .. Hexo blog building Hexo is a static blog framework based on Node.js, which iUTF-8...

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GIT04_ How to locate and solve branch overview, view, create, switch, merge branch and code conflict

① . branch overview ① Almost all version control systems support branching in some way. Using branching means that you can separate your work from the main development line to avoid affecting it. Git's master branch is not a special branch. It is no different from other branches. The reason whUTF-8...

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Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Can not read from remote repository. Problem solving

Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Can not read from remote repository. Problem solving 0 The reason for writing this is that it was a very simple question. I read the online posts, mostly in ctrl-c/v with nonsense, and do not indicate the source.... 1 Error Analysis Today I was preparing a UTF-8...

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Without linux foundation, you can also master the basic operation of git

git is a tool used to manage projects. Its remote warehouse includes github, gitee and gitlab code hosting center. It can be used not only for individuals to share code, but also for teams to collaborate and publish projects. Let's learn how to use git~ git in the local computer is divided intoUTF-8...

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The development of Android learning

1. Functional requirements Windy weather registration: GitHub registration: Local warehouse remote connection: 1. Clone the remote version to the local version git clone

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Git the most advanced distributed version control system in the world

git and its advantages and disadvantages About git: git can be said to be the most advanced version control system in the world. Most of the statements are executed in linux. No wonder, at first, it was used to help develop linux kernel. Let's talk about the main functions of git first. KnowinUTF-8...

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Git content summary

Git 1, About Git Git It is the most advanced distributed version control system in the world. 1. About version control What is version control? Why should I care about it? Version control is a system that records changes in the content of one or several documents so as to check the revision of UTF-8...

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[Github] hexo combines butterfly theme to build blog from scratch

preface 🈲 To save time, please jump to version 3 Start by creating a new library Remember the five commands of git '' does not have a commit checked out fatal: adding files failed when inputting "git add ." in command prompt git clone http://xxx git add . git commit -m"introduction for this cUTF-8...

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Git learning notes 03 - git operations

Common Linux commands Because Git Bash operation basically uses linux commands, we need to master some basic Linux instructions before learning Git In linux, we use the command line to operate cd directory name change directory cd.. go back to the previous directory and enter the default direcUTF-8...

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