Personnel Project (login page)

Personnel Project (login page) 1. About environment variable-port configuration vue.config.js is a vue project-related configuration file for compiling, configuring, packaging, and starting services. Its core is webpack Setting proxy in vue.config.js devServer: { proxy: { '/api' : { target: 'TaUTF-8...

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Cross domain implementation

Nine cross domain implementation principles (full version) preface Front end and back-end data interaction often encounter request cross domain, what is cross domain, and what kinds of cross domain methods are there, which is the content of this paper. This article complete source code please sUTF-8...

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Front end self study notes ES6-

Introduction to ECMAScript 6 ECMAScript 6.0 (hereinafter referred to as ES6) is the next generation standard of JavaScript language, which has been officially released in June 2015. Its goal is to make JavaScript language can be used to write complex large-scale applications and become an enterUTF-8...

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Record the interview experience of a large factory

one side 1. Algorithm problem: realize a link, you can add nodes, delete nodes function insert(head, n ,val) { var node = { val: val, next: null } if (head == null) { return node } if (n === 0) { = head; return node; } var p = head; for(var i=0; i

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25 advanced uses of array reduce that you have to know

preface As one of the new conventional array methods in ES5, reduce seems to be ignored in practice compared with forEach, filter and map. It is found that people around them seldom use it, which leads to the gradual disappearance of such a powerful method. If you often use reduce, how can you UTF-8...

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Usage scenarios of Generator in ES6

Because the Generator can pause the function execution and return the value of any expression, it has a variety of application scenarios. This article briefly sorts out some usage scenarios of the Generator. 1, Synchronous expression of asynchronous operation The Pause effect of the Generator fUTF-8...

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React Hooks summary record

npx Avoid installing global modulesCall the module installed inside the project npm run will create a new shell and add node_ Add modules to system environment variables and delete them after running Why React Hook It is difficult for components to reuse state logicComplex components are difficUTF-8...

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Enhance code style -- Introduction to reduce() method of JavaScript array

Basic concepts The reduce() method executes the callback function for each element in the array in turn (excluding the elements deleted or never assigned) and returns a specific result. grammar reduce() receives two parameters. Its basic syntax is as follows: arr.reduce(callback,[initialValue]UTF-8...

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Understanding of async and await in js

1, Before explaining async and await, let's create three common functions, as follows: export default { created() { function funOne() { return '111111' } function funTwo(){ return '222222' } function funThree(){ return '333333' } function run (){ console.log(funOUTF-8...

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Extension of object

Extension of object A concise representation of attributes ES6 allows variables and functions to be written directly in curly brackets as attributes and methods of objects.This writing is more concise const foo = 'bar'; const baz = {foo}; baz // {foo: "bar"} // Equivalent to const baz = {foo: fUTF-8...

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