Development of the same city driver platform, driver software construction plan

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, compared with computers, mobile phones are more and more portable and easy to use. The model of mobile Internet plus substitute driving has become the current market trend. Many companies have already catered to the market, grasped the needs of consumers, and actively developed mobile app s and built small program software by taking advantage of the convenience brought by mobile technology. to better serve consumers. Let the related service of driving on behalf of you only need to make an appointment through your mobile phone. Many friends also want to develop a substitute driving system, but they don’t know how to develop it. The following editor will introduce the development of the same city substitute driving platform and the construction plan of the substitute driving software.

1. Practical functions of the driving agent software:

**1. Accurate nearby driver positioning function: **When users use the driving service software, after opening the positioning, they can intuitively see that there are drivers who can provide driving service around them, which is convenient for users to choose the starting point and destination. , There will be a driving staff to provide services in a short time.
**2. Convenient and quick appointment: **Simple and convenient ordering process, users can easily book service on behalf of the driver online, and the staff of the driver after placing the order can also quickly respond to the order. User-friendly consideration, even the elderly and drunk people can easily operate.
3. Convenient order receiving function for the driving staff: With the function of voice prompts, after the user places an order, the driving staff can quickly grab the order, and after grabbing the order, they can quickly reach the location designated by the user according to the navigation, and carry out Driver service. Each driving agent can reasonably arrange multiple orders at the same time according to his own schedule. In this way, human resources are used more reasonably, and at the same time, the income of the driving staff can be increased.
**4. Strict management and control of the platform: **The platform can conduct reasonable and effective management of substitute drivers through background data, and regulate some unreasonable substitute driver behaviors. It is also possible to optimize and upgrade the platform through user feedback, driver evaluation and other information

2. What are the advantages of the development of the current driving platform

1. Competitive advantage: Although the surrogate driving industry is booming at present, the competition among peers is not so fierce. As long as the promotion and operation work is done well, it is easy to gain a firm foothold in the market in this city.
2. Data advantage: It is possible to analyze the user's driving needs through the travel data. As long as the travel frequency and trajectory of most users are known, the driving staff can be reasonably arranged to provide nearby services. Provide better services and avoid the waste of human resources.

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3. Standardize the local agent driving industry: before, some scattered small agent driver companies or private drivers provided agent driver services. The service standards were uneven, and the charging information was not transparent, which made it easy for ordinary people to encounter skyrocketing prices Case. However, the emergence of a formal driver app can reasonably and effectively resolve this contradiction, and at the same time, the contact between the user and the driver will be more convenient.

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