Publishing subscriber mode of javascript Design Pattern

preface The last one talked about observer mode, and this one will talk about publish subscribe mode. Someone may say: aren't these two the same thing? It is true that there is no essential difference in the core idea and operation mechanism of the two models. But there are still some differencUTF-8...

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Changyou template programming -- pure interface oriented programming (no need to show inheritance, class golang implicit interface)

Purpose of this paper To implement an implicit interface similar to golang, we have to talk about the display interface of c + +. We know that if we want to implement an interface in c + +, we must inherit the interface that must be displayed #include #include #include

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How to make the project take off quickly by using strategy pattern to optimize code practice

1, Background I took over a springboot project. In the module I am responsible for, there is a function of user registration, but in particular, this registration is not re registration, but synchronization of old data from the database of the old system to the database of the new system. BecauUTF-8...

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Singleton pattern of design pattern

Description of singleton mode In the actual development process, there are some objects that need only one value, such as thread pool, cache, tool class, log object, driver, etc. If there are multiple instances of this kind of object, it will lead to many problems, such as abnormal behavior of UTF-8...

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The builder model of design patterns you can understand

preface Recently, the project we took over encountered a big hole. When we realized the traffic package business (including VIP, VIP, WiFi, navigation and so on), the code of if... else... Was more than 100 lines. At this time, 10000 alpacas were running by. Recently, we were just learning theUTF-8...

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Design pattern -- prototype pattern (definition, case analysis, characteristics, shortcomings)

preface This article mainly refers to the design pattern (2nd Edition) edited by Liu Wei, and also combines some of his own thinking and understanding, hoping to help you. This article is about prototype mode. text 1, Definition Prototype pattern: a prototype pattern is an object creation pattUTF-8...

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Richter's replacement principle of tamping design principle

All Rights Reserved © idea: All references to the base class (parent class) must be able to use the objects of its subclass transparently; If a base class object is replaced by its subclass object in software, the program will not produce any errors and exceptions, and vice versa. IUTF-8...

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Agent mode (static agent and dynamic agent)

1, Static proxy When we usually go to the cinema, do we often put advertisements at the beginning of the movie? Movies are entrusted to theaters by movie companies, but theaters can generate their own economic benefits when they play movies, such as selling popcorn and coke, and then insert somUTF-8...

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Factory Mode of Design Mode

1. Simple Factory Mode Definition: Simple factory mode is a creation mode, also known as static factory method mode, in which a factory object dynamically decides which instance of a product class to create based on incoming objects.These product classes inherit from a parent class or interfaceUTF-8...

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Android(11) - content provider

Runtime permissions In Android 6.0, the function of runtime permission has been introduced. Runtime permission means that users do not need to authorize all the permissions at one time when installing software, but apply for a certain permission in the process of using software Android divides UTF-8...

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