day10 python operation Word

day10 python operation word file

First, the basic content of the word document

Note: Install python-docx when installing third-party libraries

from docx import Document   # Import third-party libraries
1. Create a blank Word document
doc = Document()
2. Add a title
Document object.add_heading( title content, level=level, style=None) Note: Level range: 0~9
doc.add_heading('first level title',level=1)
doc.add_heading('secondary title', level=2)
3. Add body paragraphs
Document object.add_paragraph( text content, style=None)
doc.add_paragraph('Text content')
4. Add a page break
document object.add_page_break()
5. Add form
Document object.add_table( number of rows, number of columns) - add a table
table = doc.add_table(3, 4)  # Add a table with 3 rows and 4 columns
TableObject.cell( row subscript, column subscript) - get the specified cell in the table
cell1 = table.cell(0, 0)   # Get the cell at (0,0) position
cell object.text = data - modify cell content
cell1.text = 'Name'        # Modify the obtained cell1 cell content
6. Add pictures
Document object.add_picture( image address, width=None, height=None)

2. Set the style of the content in the document
from docx import Document    # Import third-party libraries
from docx.shared import Pt, Cm, RGBColor
from docx.enum.text import WD_PARAGRAPH_ALIGNMENT
from docx.oxml.ns import qn

Note: Style setting priority issues: document < paragraph < heading < run

doc = Document()
h1 = doc.add_heading('Why did Gao Qiqiang take off his tie and wipe the glass?', level=1)
1. Commonly used styles for titles
Center the title content in the document
h1.paragraph_format.alignment = WD_PARAGRAPH_ALIGNMENT.CENTER
Set the font size of the title = Pt(25)
Set the text color of the title = RGBColor(95, 158, 160)
# Note: Title setting font name is invalid
2. Commonly used paragraph styles

Note: The style set on a certain paragraph will affect all paragraphs at the same time.

p1 = doc.add_paragraph('Why did Gao Qiqiang take off his tie and wipe the glass during the second hurricane? There's a silent scene where nothing is said and everything is said)
1. Set the font name = 'Times New Roman'
# Note: If the font used is a Chinese font, the following code must be added
r =
r.set(qn('w:eastAsia'), 'Times New Roman')
2. Set the font size = Pt(15)
3. Set font color = RGBColor(255, 0, 0)
4. Set font bold = True
5. Slanted fonts = True
6. Add underline = True
7. Add strikethrough = True
8. Add a shadow effect = True
3. The usage of run

There are two ways to provide text content to word documents:

  1. Provide text content directly: doc.add_paragraph (text content), doc.add_heading (text content)

  1. Provide text content through the run object

h2 = doc.add_heading(level=2)
run1 = h2.add_run('everyone is searching')
run2 = h2.add_run('"Gao Qiqiang"')

p2 = doc.add_paragraph()
run3 = p2.add_run('You can smash the glass and hit him if you untie your tie, or you can be like him')
run4 = p2.add_run('wipe the glass')
run5 = p2.add_run('. Zhao Lidong also understood what Gao Qiqiang meant, and at first thought he was going to beat him')

run4.font.bold = True
run3.font.color.rgb = RGBColor(0, 255, 0)

p3 = doc.add_paragraph('My brother's death is an eternal pain in my heart.')
4. Paragraph spacing related styles

Note: Paragraph spacing related styles will only be applied to the current paragraph

h3 = doc.add_heading('wipe the glass', level=2)
p4 = doc.add_paragraph('If you untie your tie, you can smash the glass and hit him, or you can clean the glass like him. Zhao Lidong also understood')
1. Line spacing (within a paragraph)
p4.paragraph_format.line_spacing = 1.5
2. Distance before paragraph
p4.paragraph_format.space_before = Pt(30)
3. Distance after paragraph
p4.paragraph_format.space_after = Pt(40)
4. Indent the beginning of the line
p4.paragraph_format.first_line_indent = Pt(50)
h4 = doc.add_heading('Cabo 2', level=2)'files/demo2.docx')  # save
3. Set the theme style
from docx import Document
from docx.shared import Pt, Cm, RGBColor   # Third-party libraries to be imported
doc = Document()
styles = doc.styles     #  all theme styles

There are three theme styles: run-based style, paragraph-based, table-based

1. Use of run-based theme styles
1. Usage
h1 = doc.add_heading(level=1)
run1 = h1.add_run('hello world!', style='Subtle Reference')
run1.font.size = Pt(40)

p1 = doc.add_paragraph()
p1.add_run('hello world!', style='Subtle Emphasis')

doc.add_heading('1. based on run The styles corresponding to all the theme names added:')
2. Display all theme styles related to run
for x in styles:
    if x.type == WD_STYLE_TYPE.CHARACTER:
        p = doc.add_paragraph()
        p.add_run('character(run) style is :'+,style =
2. Usage of theme style based on paragraph
p2 = doc.add_paragraph('My brother's death is an eternal pain in my heart',style='Title')
doc.add_heading('2. based on paragraph The styles corresponding to all the theme names added:')
for x in styles:
    if x.type == WD_STYLE_TYPE.PARAGRAPH:
        doc.add_paragraph('paragraph style is:',
3. Usage of table-based themes
doc.add_table(4, 3, style='Medium Grid 3 Accent 4')
doc.add_heading('2.based on table The styles corresponding to all the theme names added:')
for x in styles:
    if x.type == WD_STYLE_TYPE.TABLE:
        p = doc.add_paragrapf('Form subject name:'+
        p.paragraph_format.space_before = Pt(50)
        doc.add_table(2,3,'files/demo3.docx')   # save
4. Use of forms
from docx import Document    # Third-party libraries to be imported
from docx.shared import Pt, RGBColor
from docx.enum.text import WD_PARAGRAPH_ALIGNMENT
from docx.enum.table import WD_CELL_VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT
doc = Document()
1. Add form
table = doc.add_table(3,4,style='Table Grid')
2. Add rows and columns
table.add_row()  # Add a line at the bottom
table.add_column(Pt(100))  # Add a column on the far right with a width of 100 pixels
3. Set cell content
1. Directly assign values ​​​​to the cell content
cell1 = table.cell(0,0)
cell1.text = 'name'
cell1.vertical_alignment = WD_CELL_VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT.CENTER
2. Add run to assign value by getting the paragraph object of the cell
cell2 = table.cell(0,1)
p = cell2.paragraphs[0]
run1 = p.add_run('price')
run2 = p.add_run('(Yuan)')
4. Set the table style
1. Directly set the table style, which will affect the entire table = Pt(14) = RGBColor(100,89,10) = WD_PARAGRAPH_ALIGNMENT.CENTER
2. To set the style based on the cell, it must be set based on the run object corresponding to the cell content
run1.font.color.rgb = RGBColor(255, 0, 0)
5. Row height and column width
1. Set the height of each row
rows = table.rows       # get all rows
cols = table.columns    # get all columns
for row in rows:
    # get all cells
    row.cells[1].text = '200'
    # Get row subscript
    if row._index == 0:
        # Set row height: row object.height = height
        row.height = Pt(40)
        for cell in row.cells:
            cell.vertical_alignment = WD_CELL_VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT.CENTER
    	row.height = Pt(25)
for col in cols:
    # Get all cells in a column
    col.cell[0].text = 'hello'
    # get column subscript

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