Implementation of scalable linear table in C + +

Header file: definition of linear table and its member functions #pragma once typedef int ElemType; const int DefaultCapacity = 5; class SequenceTable { private: ElemType *data; int length; int capacity; public: //Establish linear table void CreateList(ElemType a[], int n); //Initialize linearUTF-8...

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Hash_in c++.Map

Recent Leftovers algorithm, hash_Maps are often used (hash_The time complexity of map additions and deletions can be as low as O(1).But Left God uses hash_in JavaMap, for this reason, can only study hash_in C++.Map. Reference resources:

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Data Structure--C++ Implementation of Binary Search Tree

GitHub download link: 1. Basic concepts and storage structure of binary search trees 1.1 Basic concepts A binary search tree, also known as a binary sorting tree, is either an empty tree or a binary tree with the following propUTF-8...

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From the comparison of ArrayList and LinkedList tests, let's talk about some of my recent thoughts

The author recently reviewed the data structure and algorithm, but also look at some JDK source code. Combined with a small test, I want to talk about some of my recent ideas. As a reminder, if you don't like this non-technical information sharing or cause your aversion, please leave by yourselUTF-8...

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Mode multiplicity problem (picture demo + python code)

Title Description Given a multiple set s Containing N elements, the number of times each element appears in S is called the multiplicity of the element. The element with the largest multiplicity in multiple set s is called the mode of multiple set s, and the multiplicity of mode is called the mUTF-8...

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String representing numeric values (finite state automata and search)

subject Train of thought 1 On finite state automata( Reference jyd): Character type: Blank "," 0-9 ", plus or minus" ± 」 , Decimal point "." and power symbol "eE". State definition: According to the sequence of strings from left to right, the following nine states are defined: Start spaceSignUTF-8...

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Analysis of Java dichotomy algorithm -- basic framework and finding left and right endpoints

Dichotomy algorithm is an idea of divide and rule. The idea of this algorithm is very simple, but the details, such as the boundary problem of dichotomy, are very troublesome. When dealing with specific problems, it's not just a template. As the inventor of KMP algorithm said: Although the basiUTF-8...

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Algorithm notes: hash tables, maps and collections

Hash function calculates the location of the storage address according to the keyword key. Hash function converts key into hash value to locate the location of data storage. It is a look-up table based on hash function. The dictionary in python is implemented by hash table. This paper mainly inUTF-8...

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HFile structure in HBASE

HFile structure in HBASE order since: 2021 April 14, 2002 22:45 auth: Hadi Hfile The Hbase data has HDFS in the form of HFile, and the following is the data storage logic structure of HBase: NameSpace > Table > Region > CF > HFile HFile is: Hfile > Trailer > Load-on-open > bloom Index > Block DUTF-8...

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Data structure and algorithm string

Definition and operation of string 1. Related terms: String: a finite sequence of zero or more characters. The string composed of n characters C1,C2,..., Cn is recorded as: s ='C1C2... C~~n 'n > = 0 Where: s is the string name, C1C2... Cn is the string value, and n is the string lengthEmpty strUTF-8...

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