2021.5.14 the first day of CSS3 study

CSS3 CSS is used to control the style and layout of web pages. CSS box model All HTML elements can be seen as boxes. In CSS, the term "box model" is used for design and layout. The CSS box model is essentially a box that encapsulates the surrounding HTML elements, including margins, borders, paUTF-8...

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[Web Front End HTML5&CSS3] 01-Introduction to Front End

Note Source: Silicon Valley Web Front End HTML5&CSS3 Beginner Zero Basic Starter Complete Edition Introduction to Front End 1. Classification of software 1.1. System Software WindowsLinuxmacOS 1.2. Application software OfficeQQ 1.3. Game Software Jedi SurvivalGlory of Kings 2. Client and ServerUTF-8...

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Let's make a lantern after learning - CSS 3D conversion learning notes & learning cases

Let's make a lantern after learning - CSS 3D conversion learning notes & learning cases 3D conversion was learned before CSS 2D Transform As the name suggests, an object does not appear to deform on a plane, but changes its position in space. Note content is not very long, so learning notes andUTF-8...

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Record the interview experience of a large factory

one side 1. Algorithm problem: realize a link, you can add nodes, delete nodes function insert(head, n ,val) { var node = { val: val, next: null } if (head == null) { return node } if (n === 0) { node.next = head; return node; } var p = head; for(var i=0; i

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[CSS advanced] use CSS gradient to make gorgeous gradient texture background effect

preface I've always been interested in gradient background, but because I'm too busy working overtime every day, I have a lot of tasks. Therefore, I can only study the knowledge of gradual change background in my off-duty time. On the one hand, I can satisfy my curiosity, and on the other hand,UTF-8...

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The 13th day of learning

Today, I learned something very interesting. I learned a new selector, but I still focused on the layout of the elastic box. I found that this method is much more convenient to use. 1, CSS3 selector 1. Property selector Instead of naming a tag, you can use its own html Attribute selection elemeUTF-8...

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Understanding of async and await in js

1, Before explaining async and await, let's create three common functions, as follows: export default { created() { function funOne() { return '111111' } function funTwo(){ return '222222' } function funThree(){ return '333333' } function run (){ console.log(funOUTF-8...

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JavaScript Regular Expression Explanation

Overview of Regular Expressions Regular expressions are expressions that describe string rules, match rules for string combinations, and are objects themselves. Regular expression features: Very flexibleStrong LogicComplex string control can be done in a simple way How to create regular expressUTF-8...

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CSS3 filter properties

Link to the original text: CSS3 filter properties Effect preview filter: grayscale(100%); Definition and use The filter attribute defines the visual effects (for example, blur and saturation) of an element (usually < img >). Default valuenoneinheritnoAnimation supportYes. Please refer to CSS anUTF-8...

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Use the element ui calendar component to implement functions that you cannot click until today

Requirements: As shown in the figure, if today is July 18, we want to realize that the days before today can not be clicked, and become gray. Today and later (including next month) are normal.Baidu had not found a solution for half a day before, and after half a day of thinking, found a clumsy UTF-8...

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