Analysis on the consensus of Tendermint

summary Tendermint's consensus algorithm can be regarded as POS+BFT. Tendermint uses POS algorithm to select Proposer from Validators before confirming the block with BFT consensus algorithm. Then Proposer makes proposals and BFT algorithm is used to generate blocks. The consensus protocol of tUTF-8...

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EOS learning notes

Note: This article was written in December 2018, the EOS version is not the latest version of 2021, but the content of EOS core is not very different EOS learning notes Reference documents: 1. Build EOS development environment Install UTF-8...

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Privacy protection of blockchain hyperledger fabric

The previous two blogs mainly introduced the construction, deployment and testing of chaincode environment in Hyperledger Fabric, as well as the development of SDK based on Java. This blog mainly introduces how to realize data privacy protection in programs based on Hyperledger Fabric. 1. ConstUTF-8...

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FileCoin mining tutorial Lotus source general structure directory

Project warehouse api To provide background services for Lotus commands, most commands need to communicate with background services. These commands usually involve data on the chain. This directory abstracts node definitions and defines several go inteUTF-8...

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ULAM enabling entity - Education

Education is the foundation of a country, and with the progress of the times, education also plays an increasingly important role in our lives. It is the fairest way that many people choose to change their destiny. As a big developing country, China has put education in a crucial position in thUTF-8...

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ULAM enabling entity - commonweal

In recent years, China's philanthropy is booming. With the continuous improvement of the rule of law and the increasing enrichment of charity forms, charitable organizations, as the backbone of public welfare, play an increasingly prominent role in poverty alleviation, social governance innovaUTF-8...

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RFC: composable Open Transaction lock script

This paper introduces a lock script that can implement Open Transaction on the Nervos CKB. Inspired by the previous design of Open Tx Brainstorm, it has the new ability to reorder and rearrange signature components in Open Transaction. Open Tx Brainstorm:

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Fabric1.4 Write chain code

Reference Blog First, say before 1. Chain code is written in go language and then installed on peer node 2. To call the chain code to operate on the data in the chain, you can use SDK such as fabric-sdk-py or fabric-sdk-go to operate on the chain code. WUTF-8...

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Performance bottleneck analysis of FileCoin mining tutorial

Brief description Filecoin is used to store mining. Miners submit replication certificates to the chain according to how much data they actually store, so as to obtain effective computing power (effective storage). The higher the effective computing power, the greater the probability that mineUTF-8...

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FilecFileCoin mining tutorial to build a special environment for debugging code

Running the Filecoin network locally is useful for developers who want to build and test their applications. To manually set You can use regular Lotus binaries to start the development network. This method will use 2 KiB sectors to start Lotus, allowing systems with fewer resources to run the UTF-8...

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