Springboot+Thymeleaf+Jpa for full login (full source with authentication code)

Catalog Recently I learned about the comprehensive use of Springboot+Thymeleaf+Jpa, so I want to write a simple login interface to try it out. Here's how First, create a springboot project Add the following dependencies pom.xml code

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Installation, deployment and problem summary of superset0.36.0 source code

superset official document 1: Configure server environment 1. Install python3 Note: both centos and ubuntu need to install dependencies before installing python3 After installation, you need to establish a soft link to python3 or write environment variables. Take centos as an example 1) InstallUTF-8...

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LRU algorithm (detailed, java code implementation)

LRU algorithm as a common interview problem, it is time to learn in depth 1. LRU 1.1. Principle The core idea of LRU (Least recently used) algorithm is that "if the data has been accessed recently, the probability of being accessed in the future will be higher". 1.2. Implementation The most comUTF-8...

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Development of Linux server -- detailed explanation of stat function and stat command in Linux

This article mainly introduces the use of stat function and stat command in Linux. The example code is introduced in great detail, which has a certain reference value for everyone's study or work. Friends who need it will learn together with the editor Stat function and stat command The explanaUTF-8...

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Getting started with graphql - Query

Preface This article may be a little longer, so you need to be prepared to avoid any interruptions when you go to the toilet or something. In general, we use the REST API, that is, the back-end defines the data structure and parameters of the API, and the front-end passes the request for data. UTF-8...

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Detailed idea of Java -- Analysis of FastJson JdbcRowSetImpl chain of Java Security

Analysis of FastJson JdbcRowSetImpl chain of Java Security 0x00 Preface This time, let's learn the utilization chain of JdbcRowSetImpl. The utilization chain of JdbcRowSetImpl is widely used in practice. This chain basically has no restrictions. It only needs Json.parse(input) to execute the coUTF-8...

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MYSQL learning notes

MYSQL learning notes 1. Connect to database mysql -u root -p123456 --Connect to database update mysql.user set authentication_string=password('123456') where user='root' and Host='localhost'; --Change Password flush privileges;--Refresh permissions ----------------------------------------------UTF-8...

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Thread and thread pool in concurrent programming

1. Thread Thread (English: thread) is the smallest unit that the operating system can schedule operations. It is included in the process and is the actual operation unit in the process. Thread is the smallest unit to schedule CPU resources. The thread model is divided into KLT model and ULT modUTF-8...

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RPC simple to use, write remote calculator

1. Introduction to RPC RPC is the abbreviation of Remote Procedure Call, which can be used to call functions or procedures of remote machine on local machine. The calling process is as follows: 2. External data representation (XDR) 2.1 introduction XDR is the standard of data description and coUTF-8...

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Redis source code analysis

preface prefaceMacro cardingStart up processnetwork layerprotocol layerBusiness layerIn the process of saving to dict, the shape of data has been changingDefine a new data typeSummary Refer to "Apache Kafka source code analysis" -- the basic routine of server network development Macro carding TUTF-8...

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