Java notes: annotation and reflection

What is annotation Annotation and reflection are the bottom layers of all frameworks, such as Mybatis, Spring, etc. annotation is for programs, and comment is for people. Annotation is the simplest chapter in Java foundation, so it's not hard to feel it. The function of annotation Annotation isUTF-8...

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[the way of growth of the great God of IT industry with an annual salary of millions] how can you dominate the IT industry (Beginner Level)!!!

May you be like sunshine, bright and not sad. 1. What is annotation Annotation is also called metadata (information describing data attributes) is represented by @ interface. It is a code level description. It is a feature introduced in JDK1.5 and later versions. It is at the same level as clasUTF-8...

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Notes and reflection notes of madness theory

Note summary from Detailed explanation of crazy God's Java annotation and reflection Notes (important) java.Annotation Annotations and Reflections: Bottom of all frames 1. Introduction to annotation What is annotation? Annotation is a new technology introduced from JDK 5.0 Function of AnnotatioUTF-8...

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Detailed explanation of SpringBoot principles (continuously updated)

servlet Programming reactor responsive programming springboot Embedded Server Spring boot is embedded with web server undertow, which is completely developed in java language and supports blocking and non blocking io For highly concurrent systems, undertow performs better tomcat is not requireUTF-8...

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[Java interview basics] detailed explanation of annotation and reflection

Annotation and application annotation programming Content: Role of annotations The essence of annotation Reflection annotation information Meta annotation Data type of attribute and special attribute: value array Overview of reflection mechanism Class loading and ClassLoader Understand Class clUTF-8...

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Android component design 2 - Custom annotation processor (APT)

Put the picture up first This is Android component design - the magic of Gradle In the componentization architecture diagram in, component 1... Component 4 cannot be interdependent before. If component 1 wants to call component 2, it can only pass the routing capability of the basic layer compoUTF-8...

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Spring learning notes. Spring uses annotation development, @ Component, @ Value, derived annotation @ Repository, @ Service, @ Controller, scope @ scope

Using annotation development 1. Description After spring 4, if you want to use annotation form, you must introduce aop package In the configuration file, a context constraint must also be introduced

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RestControllerAdvice annotation and global exception handling

Foreword: from the name of the annotation, we can see that it is an annotation related to the section. In fact, it is the same. We all know that the section annotation must have a scope of action. The section class annotation can only realize the section operation for the operation within its UTF-8...

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Annotation and reflection

I annotation annotation(Annotation): Not the program itself, it can explain the program or be read by other programs. Annotation format:@Note name, you can also add some parameters, such as:@SuppressWarnings(value="unchecked") 1. Built in annotation Three commonly used built-in annotations: ① UTF-8...

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Java programming -- Java advanced technology

1. Unit test 1.1 overview of unit test Unit test is to write test code for the smallest functional unit, and the smallest functional unit of Java program is method. Therefore, unit test is to test Java method, and then check the correctness of method. Current test methods There is only one maiUTF-8...

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