Internet shuttles between activities

Internet shuttles between activities Get started with Android. I read "the first line of code" learning summary, also want to find some relatively new Android video to see, b station found a few always feel not good, or read this book first. A complete application can not have only one activityUTF-8...

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[Android Componentization] Componentization using Gradle (Gradle variable definition and use)

1. Top Gradle Defines Extended Variables In build.gradle at the Project level, use apply from:'component.gradle', introducing the component.gradle configuration; // Import the contents of the component.gradle configuration file to this location // Equivalent to introducing a header file apply UTF-8...

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Android(11) - content provider

Runtime permissions In Android 6.0, the function of runtime permission has been introduced. Runtime permission means that users do not need to authorize all the permissions at one time when installing software, but apply for a certain permission in the process of using software Android divides UTF-8...

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Simple use of SeekBar in Android

SeekBar for Android 1, Introduction SeekBar, which means drag bar, is a subclass of ProgressBar. It is also widely used in our Android development. Such as music playing, volume bar, playing progress bar, etc. Android system only provides horizontal and default styles. We can also customize styUTF-8...

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Android realizes Sketchpad function

preface In the last piece Android realizes Sketchpad function (1) In this article, I have introduced how to use the custom view to realize the sketchpad function. In this article, I will continue to explain how to use imageView and bitmap to realize the sketchpad function. It's also very simpleUTF-8...

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Statements about Android Development (for your own use)

Statements about Android Development (for your own use) Key statements in Activity Android program design pays attention to the separation of logic and view, layout is used to display the interface content Sample layout file

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amlogic t972 infrared remote controller and flying mouse mode

Drive: common/drivers/amlogic/input/remote remote_core.c: the core layer of the remote controller, which registers and reports key values to the input subsystem. remote_cdev.c / dev/amremote device node and related ioctl operations remote_decoder_xmp.c: XMP infrared protocol decoder remote_ MasUTF-8...

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Android Handler from use to advanced full analysis

1.Handler As long as the students who develop Android, the Handler is often seen and used. This article will make a note.Android stipulates that the UI can only be updated in the main thread. If the sub thread wants to update the UI, it can send a message through the Handler after the operationUTF-8...

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The development of Android learning

1. Functional requirements Windy weather registration: GitHub registration: Local warehouse remote connection: 1. Clone the remote version to the local version git clone

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Android virtual sports running based on Frida HOOK sensor

Android virtual sports running based on Frida HOOK sensor (running environment: WIN10 + Pythom 3.6) As we all know, Android HOOK is very powerful, so one day, I suddenly wondered if I could dynamically HOOK Android sensor functions to achieve pseudo motion, so after consulting the data, I foundUTF-8...

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