JNPF3.4.5 flagship version source code, JNPF rapid development framework source code deployment document introduction

The JNPF rapid development platform lowers the threshold for application construction, reduces the dependence on professional engineers, allows business departments to build application platforms by dragging and dropping, meets the individual needs of business departments, reduces labor costs, and reduces the process of repeated communication with IT departments. Shorten the overall project development cycle. In terms of post-operation and maintenance, the low-code platform has fast iteration speed and higher flexibility. And the low-code platform supports cross-platform deployment of applications, enabling data connectivity between different systems.

User Interface

  • Based on the Element-UI flat interface design, it is more refined, more beautiful, high-end, atmospheric, and upscale.

  • No refresh design, except for entering function pages and new pages, Ajax interaction is used in all other cases to optimize experience and performance.

  • It supports one-click skinning, and the setting in the upper right corner of the system can quickly switch the style of the entire UI, not only the color tone and style, but also the layout. Support for customizing the unique theme style of the extension project.

  • Optimize user function operation, public thinking mode, clear function, more appropriate and friendly.

  • Internationalization support, page label internationalization, dictionary menu internationalization, data internationalization.

Functions and components

  • Tool class Utils package optimization, everything you expect, package classification hierarchy, independent tool class project.

  • Online task scheduling, interface management, operations such as adding, editing, deleting, pausing, resuming, running once, etc., support independent data sources, distributed job scheduling, scheduling log monitoring, analysis and query.

  • The operation of the code generation tool is simplified and optimized, and supports multiple data sources.

  • Query online personnel online and forcefully kick online accounts.

if (format.IsDefault)
    return TryFormatInt64Default(value, destination, out bytesWritten);

switch (format.Symbol)
    case 'G':
    case 'g':
        if (format.HasPrecision)
            throw new NotSupportedException(SR.Argument_GWithPrecisionNotSupported);
        return TryFormatInt64D(value, format.Precision, destination, out bytesWritten);

    case 'd':
    case 'D':
        return TryFormatInt64D(value, format.Precision, destination, out bytesWritten);

    case 'n':
    case 'N':
        return TryFormatInt64N(value, format.Precision, destination, out bytesWritten);

    case 'x':
        return TryFormatUInt64X((ulong)value & mask, format.Precision, true, destination, out bytesWritten);

    case 'X':
        return TryFormatUInt64X((ulong)value & mask, format.Precision, false, destination, out bytesWritten);

        return FormattingHelpers.TryFormatThrowFormatException(out bytesWritten);

private DayOfWeek _value = DayOfWeek.Friday;

public bool IsDefined() => Enum.IsDefined(_value);

public string GetName() => Enum.GetName(_value);

public string[] GetNames() => Enum.GetNames<DayOfWeek>();

private char[] _array = new char[128];
private char _c = 'c';

public void SpanFill() => _array.AsSpan().Fill(_c);

public void ArrayFill() => Array.Fill(_array, _c);

As a low-code product loved by users, JNPF has successfully helped thousands of enterprises complete digital projects and establish It has established a software product service system covering customers in different industries and at different stages of development.

private byte[] _data;

public void Setup()
    _data = new byte[64];

public string ToHexString() => Convert.ToHexString(_data);

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