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Yunjiepei is a world-leading enterprise-level online DIY platform. Yunjiepi has carried out subversive innovations, adopting the use mode of drag and drop interface, so that users do not need technology at all, just drag and drop and click, they can quickly create mobile APP, WeChat APP, enterprise OA, CRM, invoicing, Various enterprise applications such as ERP, sales management, human resource management, etc. It is not only simple and fast for users to DIY enterprise applications through Yunjie, but also the produced application interface is exquisite, the experience is comfortable, and the function is powerful!

Quick Match PaaS platform is an on-demand application building platform, including five modules: report, form, page, workflow, and communication. The production process can be completed without code, and it can be completed by dragging and dropping visual components. It provides a large number of industry templates, so that Everyone can quickly and flexibly build a business management system.

The platform-integrated structure and design ideas help enterprises integrate operation and management in an all-round way, enabling enterprises to handle, grasp, and make decisions on the operation, management and development of enterprises as a whole, especially suitable for large-scale enterprises, groups and booming enterprises. With the powerful customization function of the cloud quick distribution platform, enterprises of different industries and different scales can use the cloud quick distribution platform to quickly customize various powerful and convenient and practical management software, business systems, industry applications, etc. at any time, and support The web terminal and mobile terminal, WeChat, applets, etc. are in place in one step.

private DayOfWeek _value = DayOfWeek.Friday;

public bool IsDefined() => Enum.IsDefined(_value);

public string GetName() => Enum.GetName(_value);

public string[] GetNames() => Enum.GetNames<DayOfWeek>();


The JNPF rapid development framework is a reusable design component, and programmers who use JNPF can start specific system development on the basis of a general function that has been realized.

  • Workflow engine: supports one-stop development and multi-terminal use, and only needs to adjust the business service process or modify the operation if the demand changes;

  • Flexible access control: the authorization mechanism symbol RBAC, limit the ability to control menus, buttons, data columns and constraints, authorization scope, etc.;

  • Low-code generator: Extract repetitive and tedious steps in product development, generate code that can be downloaded and copied, and can be customized according to needs, making development easier and faster;

  • Zero-code development: equipped with a large number of reusable controls, through the operation interface elements, drag and drop controls to automatically generate visual applications;

  • Large-screen design: freely layout pages, drag and drop controls to the page, set content and data binding for different controls, and realize large-screen visual page development with what you see is what you get;

  • Portal design: Enterprises quickly configure and deploy personalized portals by simply dragging and dropping components onto the canvas;

  • Rich chart design: support single table and multi-table, various graphic display, easy to realize enterprise data analysis and decision-making operation management;

private int[] _array = new int[10];

[Benchmark(Baseline = true)]
public void Old() => Array.Clear(_array, 0, _array.Length);

public void New() => Array.Clear(_array);

  • One-stop generation of APP applications: It is easy to build mobile applications for IOS and Android systems, realize one-stop aggregation of various functions, multi-terminal access, realize the operation of connecting the front-end to the background data, and quickly obtain the data from the front-end to the background;

  • IM communication: The IM system is compatible with multiple platforms such as PC, mobile App, WeChat applet, etc. PC + mobile will accompany you to solve the worries of enterprise work;

  • Support multiple databases: support MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Dameng database, Renminda Jincang database, etc., you don't need to care about the grammatical differences between different types of databases;

  • Support secondary development: rich off-the-shelf applications to meet the ever-changing business and management needs of enterprises, products developed based on the platform are more stable and reliable, code specifications, easy to learn and quick to use, etc., can realize business expansion in an all-round way;

  • Quickly build Saas services: Enterprises can quickly expand their dimensions and build Saas platform services anytime and anywhere. Developers only need to care about business and innovation.

private byte[] _data;

public void Setup()
    _data = new byte[64];

public string ToHexString() => Convert.ToHexString(_data);
private string _str;

public async Task Setup()
    using var hc = new HttpClient();
    _str = await hc.GetStringAsync(""); // The Entire Project Gutenberg Works of Mark Twain

public string Yell() => _str.Replace(".", "!");

public string ConcatLines() => _str.Replace("\n", "");

public string NormalizeEndings() => _str.Replace("\r\n", "\n");

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